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Body Positive Ways to Boost Your Health



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Body positivity has been gaining a lot of attention recently, and all for good reasons since many beauty standards are quite outdated and relics of bygone eras. Being all dressed up and glammed up for others is fine, but so is showing your imperfections. For many years, the fashion industry used to push certain body types as the norm, which consequently led to a lot of insecurity and body image issues. So, witnessing this great wave of change can be super beneficial for everyone, especially those who aren’t confident about the way their body looks, due to unrealistic beauty standards. Yet, there’s an aspect of body positivity movement that tends to get some things wrong: mainly the fact that you should accept yourself without actually doing anything to bring positive changes to your life.

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#1 Go to a Doctor

Health is a personal journey that requires your attention, regardless of how much you weigh. It is paramount to consult a medical professional who’ll be able to tell you what health concerns you are currently facing and what options are available to you. Being healthy is something that should never be ignored. Without prioritizing your health, you risk not being able to move forward with other areas in your life. Your health ALWAYS matters! 

#2 Start exercising

Seeing perfectly toned fitness influencers telling you what to do might be a bit disheartening, but luckily, there are other body positivity influencers that actually live healthily, so they could be the perfect motivation to start exercising. Besides the weight loss, working out has a lot of other benefits so feel free to check out all the options before you decide to stick to something for longer period. If you’re not a type that likes going to the gym, you can go to group classes that are more intimate that offer various exercises such as Pilates, yoga or aerobics. Finally, in case you prefer to exercise alone, you can always go for a run or work out in the comfort of your own home.

#3 Embrace clothes that look good on you

Dressing for your body type is how you exude confidence in whatever you are wearing. Feeling good in what you wear helps you in your life and career. Taking the time to understand what brands work for your body and budget is a MUST. Additionally, you can also pay attention to the undergraments you choose to wear. Instead of wearing boring or  lackluster sports bras, you can choose sexy and comfortable plus size bras that will accentuate your cleavage in a nice way. Wearing stylish clothes suitable for your body type is the best way to look good and feel self-confident no matter what your weight is.

#4 Eat the right stuff

Loving your body and being happy about the way you look regardless of your actual size is great, but that doesn’t mean you should eat anything you want without any consequences. Sugary treats, deep-fried food, fast food snacks, artificially flavored sodas might all taste great, but they can be very harmful to your health. Now, treating yourself occasionally is great, but make sure to educate yourself on how to eat a balanced diet filled with nutrients that will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

Also, if possible try to focus on cooking your own meals, as then you can be sure that you’re eating healthy stuff since a lot of restaurants buy foods in bulk, and sometimes that food can be of lower quality. Always read the ingredients and make sure to choose food (and snacks) that contain the least amount of artificial ingredients, salt, sugar, and trans fats.


Body positivity is great when done right. Loving yourself should always be your top priority, but besides that, you should always focus on improving your dietary habits and exercising, as these are the best ways to look good without sacrificing your well-being. Keep in mind that self-love comes from within, but in order to fully love and accept yourself, you need to learn how to practice self-love and care for your own health and safety.

Master the 4 M’s of Business at the 6th Annual Women On The Rise Forum & Expo



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Are you ready to soar beyond your 9 to 5 job? Interested in starting a business? Or, are you ready to take your current business to the next level? YOU need to attend the 6th Annual Women On The Rise Forum & Expo taking place on October 18th – 19th at the Laguardia Plaza Hotel. 

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What to Expect at the Conference?

  • VIP Mastermind (visit https://www.womenontheriseny.com for full event agenda)
  • Panel Discussions
  • Guest Speakers
  • Small Business Shopping Opportunity
  • RISE Honoree and Awards Dinner

Project Management Professional Training

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Time For A Change

Today is the PERFECT day to invest in yourself and your business. The time to make a change in your life is NOW not “someday.” As a fan and contributor to the Women On The Rise Network, I know that you will walk away from the confidence feeling…

  • Grateful for understanding the 4 M’s of Business (Mindset, Money, Marketing, and Media) 
  • Motivated by learning the fundamentals of increasing business revenue 
  • Excited to connect with like-minded women attending the conference
  • Determined to elevate your personal and business branding
  • Eager to shop and support the local businesses vendors 

Are You Excited to Attend the Conference?

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A Quick & Easy Guide to Watch Brands From Indie Designers to Industry Leaders, Here’s What You Need to Know



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Watches are a common gift for busy dads. Moms often receive watches as gifts, too, because who doesn’t love a great accessory? Rather than going out and grabbing the first Timex you see, it pays to familiarize yourself with the best watch brands for every style. If you rock more of a casual style, then a watch brand that stands out without being too flashy will be a great fit. If you love a little luxury, then you might need to start saving up for a high-end watch. No matter your style, there’s a watch brand and design that will match your dream outfit and help keep you on track no matter where your busy day takes you!

Hoop it up with statement-making styles

Rolex: Instantly Recognizable Luxury

Among the most well-known, widely-recognized watch brands are Rolex watches. Many watch-lover dreams of owning a Rolex. New Rolex models are prohibitively expensive for most people considering that you can buy a house—or two—for the same price. Fortunately, the secondhand Rolex market is booming. A Rolex is a once-in-a-lifetime gift, but vintage timepieces offer a more practical way to get your hands on one. Then again, you deserve a Rolex for a milestone celebration, such as a 25th wedding anniversary, 50th birthday, or retirement. Do your research to find the best luxury piece for you!

Casio: Affordable but Not Cheap

The Casio brand is made for active people who need to keep an eye on the time but don’t want to spend a fortune to do so. What’s fantastic about this brand is that you can snag a timepiece for as little as $10, or you can opt for something a bit more expensive and low-end luxe. Plus, Casio has a watch type for basically any occasion. For people who need a polished piece of functional jewelry, Casio has a watch for that. Need a piece that is water-resistant and can withstand your active lifestyle? They have a design for that too! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, take a look at their G-Shock line. Odds are you’ll find exactly what you need!

Bradford Watches

Autodromo: For the Retro Dad

If you have a thing for industrial design or sleek cars, Autodromo is great. Granted, they only have five designs and styles from which to choose, but they pack such a punch that even those with picky taste have trouble resisting them. While the brand’s automotive bent makes them ideal for people with similar likes, you don’t have to be a speed demon or a driving enthusiast to love the Autodrome brand. Its aesthetic is the stand-out, hands down. The brand’s watches boast a sharp, polished appearance with an unmistakable dash of 1970s flavor.

Omega: Out-of-This-World Watches

For the most part, Omega and Rolex are on the same level. Back in the day, they were big rivals. You might say that Rolex won the war in terms of becoming a worldwide brand, but here’s the thing: Omega took it to space. If you’re someone who wants to wear the same watch as the astronauts, then Omega is your luxury brand. Specifically, check out Omega’s Moonwatch, design: it’s the very same watch that served as the official timepiece for the Apollo program! In addition to this unique piece, they have a wide range of other watches that are definitely worth splurging on.

Seiko: Value for Money

Due to the far-ranging variety of their product line, Seiko is a favorite among parents, period. You can find more casual styles and those for fancier occasions at every price point, whether money is no object or you’re down to counting pennies. The secret behind its appeal is that no matter how much you spend on a Seiko watch, you get a quality timepiece. The money isn’t the point; the craftsmanship is. Seiko abides by a philosophy that believes everyone deserves a functional watch that looks good and works well. It’s worth mentioning that the brand has also been instrumental in the evolution and overall study of horology, the science behind timekeeping.

University of Alabama Watches

Shinola: An Inspiring Story

Not only do Shinola watches appear high luxe in spite of being an indie brand, but their story is the stuff of American dreams. It’s the epitome of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and making your own success in the world. Specifically, Shinola as a brand began in Detroit where automotive workers who were laid off or lost their jobs decided to turn their skills toward a new endeavor. They set their sights on bikes and their associated leather goods — the decision to include watches in their line-up evolved organically from that point. If you’re a fan of an underdog story and a supporter of watches made in the USA (minus the Swiss bits, of course), then Shinola has a watch for you!

Breitling: High-Level but Sporty

Breitling isn’t quite on par with Rolex and Omega, but that’s because the brand is a more recent entry into the watch-making world. Once known as the go-to watch for pilots, it now has an astounding line of dive watches, as well. Consider Breitling a next-level sports watch. The price gets steep, but it’s within the realm for most people looking for a budget-friendly watch. The best part? Your Breitling watch allows you to dress to impress and stay on schedule, so you don’t have to worry about compromising your active lifestyle.

Citizen: The Power of the Sun

We have to include Citizen watches. Not only are they affordable, but the brand is an alternative, not to mention eco-friendly. Those who care about the environment will love the brand’s Eco-Drive watch movements, found in all of their timepieces. The movement is solar powered which increases the shelf-life of the watch exponentially. You get excellent value and, for what your watch lacks in luxe appeal, it makes up for in cleverness and environmental impact.

Invicta Best Sellers

From antique pieces at thrift stores to the smartphone watch movement, there’s a lot to discover. And this is just the beginning–there’s everything from vintage to new replaceable watch bands, collector displays, repair and cleaning kits and more. So whether you’re looking for a new collecting hobby or just seeking to expand your knowledge about watches, be sure to keep an eye out for these next time you’re shopping.

What’s your go-to watch brand? Let us know how you choose a quality timepiece!

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7 Ways to Get the Job You Want



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#1 Look for the Job You Want

One of the best ways to land the job you want is to focus your search on jobs you really want to be considered for. It is easy to apply to anything that is available. If you are focusing on growing your career, then you will be strategic when applying for jobs. 

Winky Lux

#2 Ace the Interview

You have one opportunity to make a great first impression. What does it take to make an unforgettable impression? Watch the video to get the tips you need to ace your next interview. 


#3 Share Your Story on the Resume

How you present your story and career background on your resume plays a big part of whether you are selected for an interview on a traditional job application. If your resume is all a potential employer has in front of them to decide whether they want to speak with you, that resume needs to be UNFORGETTABLE. Watch the video to learn what you need to do to craft the resume you need. 

Do you want a free 30-minute career strategy session?

#4 Write an Effective Cover Letter

There are a ton of employers who don’t want you to send a cover letter with your job application. There are employers who require you send one, but no one reads them. Whether they are read or not, if you are including one in your job application, it needs to be effective in getting the reader to look over your resume and eager to schedule a time to speak with you to learn why you are the right candidate for the role. 

#5 Master the Art of Networking

Networking is a total game changer. It isn’t something to fear or avoid. Watch the video to learn how you can become a master networker today! 

#6 Shake Off Rejection Along the Way

Rejection isn’t something that most people want or enjoy. Some of us fear being told no or that we didn’t get the job or opportunity we wanted. Guess what? Getting a rejection doesn’t have to be bad at all. If you don’t get a job you applied for, it could be an indicator it wasn’t the right opportunity for you or the right opportunity for right now. Watch the video to learn how to shake off rejection like a boss! 

Beautytap, your destination for all things K-beauty

#7 Ask for What You Want

Everything is negotiable. Sometimes, we forget this when we are offered something we really want. If you are offered the job you want, make sure you have considered the offer and determined if you want to negotiate the salary or non-compensation benefits. Watch the video to learn why asking for what you want really matters. 

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The Future of Fashion is Resale, No Matter Your Size



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StyleForIt is the first plus-size online consignment platform dedicated to sizes 12-32. On the platform you can do the following: 

  • Buy clothes (new and used)
  • Sell clothes (new and used) 
  • Consume empowering content (via social media)

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Want to Make Plus-Size History?

Did you hear the big news? StyleForIt launched an Indiegogo campaign to take the platform to the next level. There is still time for you to support the campaign and make plus-size history. Want to learn more? Get all the campaign details HERE

3 Reasons to Support StyleForIt’s Campaign

#1 Support Brands that Support You

Consumers have a lot of power when they decide where to shop. If you support brands that support you, it creates a positive and empowering marketplace where all parties win. StyleForIt was designed to empower plus size women to buy clothes that fit their style and personality. Tired of clutter in your closet? Why not sell those clothes and make money from clothes you already own. Having these options on one platform is very exciting. As a StyleForIt Ambassador, I hope as many people as possible can support the StyleForIt’s campaign goals

#2 Make Plus-Size Fashion History

Over 67 percent of women in the United States wear size 14 and above. Why is this significant? The overwhelming majority of women are plus-size but the majority of retailers don’t cater to the plus-size community. If you ever wanted to play a role in the future success of a company, now is the time to support StyleForIt. By supporting the campaign, you are helping a platform cater to many women who have been denied too long in the fashion community.   

Nude York

#3 Easy Shopping & Selling

Do you like to save time when shopping online?

When you can save money and time when shopping do you jump for joy? Time is the most valuable asset you have. If you can save time, you are WINNING. Are you ready to join one community where you can easily shop and make money. Join the community HERE. And, support the StyleForIt campaign HERE

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Sexy Summer Lingerie Customized Just For You


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When it comes to lingerie, there are a lot of thoughts that goes through my head. Will it fit? How much does it cost? Will I wear this more than once? When I came across Impish Lee, I fell in love with the founders and the company’s mission. When I was asked to be a part of their spring campaign, I was beyond thrilled. Guess what? Their summer collection is available and it is time to pick your favorite designs today! 

What is most important to you when buying lingerie?

Daily Boutique Deals

Meet the Founders

Inseparable duo, owners, and sisters Noelle Lee Ventresca and Kali Taylor Ventresca are the creative minds behind Impish Lee, Custom Intimate Apparel. Founded on Etsy, their company has evolved from a small handmade boutique lingerie line, into a fully customizable intimate apparel brand. Impish Lee gives shoppers the ability to design their own bras, underwear, lingerie, and loungewear, have it made-to-order to their specifications and measurements, and shipped worldwide within 3-4 weeks. See recent press mentions here.

Listen to “Impish Lee: Impish Lee, Custom Intimate Apparel” on Spreaker.

Summer 2019 Collection Top Picks

sock panda signup

What the Founders Have to Say

Noelle Ventresca, CEO of Impish Lee, “We wanted this collection to be romantic and fun, and incorporating the picot lace edges really brought that vision to life. The lace patterns are delicate and floral, and layering them created both sophisticated and playful color palettes.”

Kali Ventresca, CCO of Impish Lee: “It is always exciting adding a new feature to our design tool especially something as cool as this. There are just so many more options and unique color combinations now. Our customers will definitely have fun designing with the lace edges.”

What Makes Impish Lee So Special

At impishlee.com the customer can become the designer, picking a sillouette, fabrics and accents to create their dream intimates. Now customers can also layer with 5 gorgeous colors of galloon lace edges on 21 out of 39 garments. 

3 Reasons Why Impish Lee Rocks

#1 Authentic Size-Inclusive Brand

Body inclusivity always matters. Brands that are really size-inclusive are providing options to women of different sizes. With Impish Lee, you are the designer of your own lingerie.  Learn how it works in the video below! 

#2 Beautiful Designs

When investing in lingerie that you really love, it is important to have designs you want to wear repeatedly. By designing your own lingerie with Impish Lee, you have the autonomy to create lingerie that is memorable and custom to your unique style preferences. 

#3 Modern Fashion Innovation

Women come in all different shapes and sizes. We deserve to have clothing that actually fits our bodies. Impish Lee is doing this and we need to praise them for this over and over again. 

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Exploring the Core of Pilates: A Health Guide for the Beginners


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Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder

Whether you are a fitness freak or not you perhaps heard about Pilates? Named after its creator, Joseph Pilates, it started in the 1920s and is a popular form of exercise even to this day. Pilates is a low impact exercise that aims to build flexibility and muscular strength. It is a very helpful and easily accessible process to build your core muscle strength. It helps in creating endurance in movements, ensure better proper postural alignment, flexibility and balance. Experts stay that Pilates is not just for the fitness conscious people. It can be followed even by beginners, provided you know the basics.

Recommendations And Benefits: Get An Insight

Benefits: Usually, Pilates results in your general well-being and give you a sense of achievement. It ensures to achieve the state of both physical and mental fitness. In addition, Pilates can be an effective method to get rid of some long and chronic issues such as lower back pain.

You can enjoy the following benefits if you do Pilates exercise on a regular basis at home or in the gym:

  • Good posture and perfect body alignment to reduce lower back pain.
  • Toned muscle tone to reduce soreness especially in older people and who are sedate in their daily living due to inactivity
  • Flat abdominal muscles resulting in a flat stomach
  • Restore flexibility helping you to avoid injuries from falls
  • Improves your balance with a better mind-body connection and 
  • Reduces stress with more focused breathing.


Beneath few recommendations one should check precisely before exploring Pilates exercises:  

  1. You may not be recommended for Pilates if you suffer from specific medical conditions. It is therefore advised that you consult with your doctor and refrain from this exercise if you suffer from any one of these following conditions:
  • Unstable blood pressure
  • A risk of blood clots
  • Severe osteoporosis or
  • Have a herniated disk. 
  1. Make it sure to do not mix Pilates with Yoga. Though both develop muscle strength, breathing technique, and helps in establishing a mind-body connection, there is a significant difference in the methods of each. Yoga emphasizes more on relaxation through meditation and static poses and especially do not need any equipment such as a Reformer or a mat.

Nectar Adjustable Frame

The Common Misconceptions

  • There is a very common misconception regarding Pilates. Most people think that Pilates is only for professional athletes and dancers. Yes, it is true that they are the ones who adopted Pilates first, but they are not the only ones to benefit from this muscle strength training. Even beginners can!
  • There is another common misperception about Pilates involves specialized equipment. Well, you may use a Pilate apparatus called the Reformer which is more like a bed frame with a sliding carriage, but you can also do this exercise on the floor on just a mat!
  • Since it is said that Pilates is suitable for beginners as well as the older people, you may naturally be worried about the possibilities of sustaining any injuries during the workout. Especially if you have been inactive or sedate for a long time. But Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise. This means there will be no aggressive methods or power training that may result in an injury.
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Though injuries are uncommon in Pilates, you are however recommended that you do it under the supervision of a qualified professional. Moreover, if you are recovering from an injury, you should consult with your general physician before taking up a Pilate’s class.

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The DOs and DON’Ts of Choosing Your Dress and Wedding Menu


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Almost every little girl dreams of her wedding. The beautiful white dress, the romantic setting, all the people you love, the delicious food, and your prince charming- it sounds like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it? When that little girl grows up, she gets to make her fairytale come true. The most important thing she needs to choose to make her wedding perfect is the dress and the menu. Let your guests feast on the most delicious food in the kingdom and their eyes on the fairest of them all.

#1 DON’T run out of magic

The magic is what makes the fairytale special. In your case, your magic can be the theme of your wedding. By choosing a unique theme, you’ll have special options for the wedding menu and the wedding dress. For example, if your theme is Midnight in Paris, you can dress in a classy 20s wedding dress and serve your guests authentic French food.

#2 DON’T neglect the royal dough

You might be royalty for the day, but the coins need to be rationed. The wedding menu will be fairly expensive, so you’ll need to set a budget right away. When it comes to picking the menu, you’ll find it very easy to get carried away with different choices as your taste buds lead the way. After all, you’ll need to choose appetizers, the main course, and the dessert. This all adds up pretty quickly.

To get you a rough idea of what to look for, you should know that the cost of an average menu is around 6000 AUD. Buffets usually cost less, while fancier menus will naturally cost you more. It’s also advisable to set a separate budget for the cake or dessert if you want something more special. The average cost of a wedding cake ranges between 500 AUD and 600 AUD.

Deluxe Tote Emerald Green

Kennedy Blue Bridesmaids

#3 DO choose your kingdom

Every future king and queen need land to rule over. The destination of your wedding can be your kingdom at least for a day. The destination is important because it opens up a lot of new doors when it comes to the menu. Instead of chicken and fish, you could have local specialties that your guests will never be able to try again. As well as that, the dress options also multiply.

You could have a breathtaking Indian or Bali wedding. Being Indian for a day will cost you between 20 lakhs to 5 crores, while the average cost of a wedding in Bali is around 20.000 AUD. These prices can include the indigenous food and even traditional attire if you choose so, allowing you to have the most unique menu and dress your guests have ever witnessed.

#4 DO try me

Do you think Alice would have had such a memorable time in Wonderland if she hadn’t kept an open mind? When the bottle said drink me and the plate said eat me, she did. You should have the same kind of attitude towards your special day.

When it comes to choosing your dress, don’t stick to just the pairs that you think you’d be comfortable in. Is there a dress that’s not really your style but makes you wonder how you’d look in it? Try it. You never know what the outcome might be. Also, don’t be afraid to try many dresses of different styles. You may just surprise yourself with something completely different and utterly amazing.

In Conclusion…

Weddings are one of the most beautiful events you’ll ever host. Two hearts are joined to become one in the most festive and romantic way you can imagine. The little girl’s dream is finally coming true and she gets to live her happily ever after. With true love’s kiss, you’ll be free to ride into the sunset knowing you threw one hell of a wedding for everyone to enjoy. Don’t worry though, your chariot won’t turn back into a pumpkin.

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Recent Blog Posts

Best Tips to Build an Active Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe


This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and buy something, Dressing Room 8 will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

If you are a busy person with an active lifestyle, you most likely prefer practical clothing. Still, have you ever been in a situation where you bought a clothing item and then you only wore it once or never? You know the situation where your friend buys a trendy shirt or you spot a cute skirt in a boutique and you like it so much that you can’t resist buying it. However, it later turns out that you and your friend have completely different styles and that a skirt is not in accordance with your hectic and active lifestyle, so the clothing items just end up sitting in your closet.

Spanx New Markdowns

To prevent this from happening in the future, we bring you a few useful tips on how to build a pragmatic capsule wardrobe that will fit into your active lifestyle.

Redefine your lifestyle and your style

To figure out what kind of wardrobe you need, you should get an image of what kind of activities your day consists of. Do you work in an office or from home? How many times a week do you exercise? How often do you attend semi-formal occasions, such as dinner dates or a fancy night out with your friends? How often do you wear formal clothes, such as elegant dresses you would wear to a wedding? For example, if you work from home, you will need more practical activewear because you want to be comfortable. There is no need to spend the day in trendy, but not so cozy jeans.

ROMWE General Banner

On the other hand, if your style is chic and functional, jeans can be better used when you are going out with your friends. You can just pair your jeans with some amazing high heels and a stylish spaghetti strap top and you get an alluring evening look. This way, you will not have to spend extra money on buying new dresses, which although beautiful, are still unnecessary.

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Get your activewear essentials

This basically means stocking up on functional, athletic pieces. Moreover, you need not only activewear but also versatile items. For instance, start with basics, such as swimwear. You want pieces that you can wear at the beach but also when you decide to do a bit of swimming at an indoor pool instead of an hour at the gym. The best option is chic high waisted swimsuits that are both practical to swim in and are extremely flattering, accentuating your waist and your curves. Make sure to get a few in different colors/patterns with matching bikini tops, so you have a variety to choose from.

Shop SHEIN for the latest in Fall and Winter Fashions

Additionally, you will also want fashionable pieces that are cozy which you can wear while working from home (unless when you have an important Skype call) and when you are going to the gym or for a morning run. Thus, your capsule wardrobe should include a lot of comfy yoga pants. You can wear them with cute tees and workout tops, so make sure to include a number of those functional items as well. What is more, you can include pieces that are the perfect athleisure, such as trendy and sporty crop tops, stylish biker shorts and even a modern, athletic crop sweater that is extremely on-trend yet quite practical when going exercising.

And don’t forget about sneakers, as two or three pairs of comfy sneakers are essentials for a functional wardrobe.

Mix and match

We have already mentioned athleisure as the goal of creating a capsule wardrobe for anyone who has an active lifestyle. This means mixing and matching practical clothing items with some staple pieces while at the same time creating fresh looks with the existing items. For example, you can always match your yoga pants with an oversized sweater and a pair of sneakers to get a lovely daytime look. Moreover, your functional cotton tees can be matched with some high-waisted trousers and a fitting blazer to create a modern and sophisticated look that can be easily worn with both sneakers and high heels.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Read The Secret Every Year


This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link and buy something, Dressing Room 8 will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you.

The Secret is a phenomenal book that CHANGED my life. Learning about the law of attraction helped me to understand:  

  • How to establish a winning mindset 
  • Take ownership of my actions and my life’s purpose 
  • How to handle negativity and toxic people  
  • What it takes to succeed personally & professionally 
  • How to focus on the right stuff
  • The importance of establishing healthy boundaries 

Reading is how we expand our minds and this is why I started the Dressing Room 8 Book Club. When I re-read The Secret this year, I had a major revelation. There are some books that must be read more than once. In fact, there are some books that you NEED to read each and every year. I urge you to add The Secret to that list of books you need to read over and over again. 

6 Reasons Why You Need to Read The Secret Every Year

1) Humans are Creatures of Habit

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” – Dale Carnegie 

If you want to change your life, then you will need to change your mindset, actions, and behaviors again and again. To become a practitioner of the law of attraction, you will need to read about the law repeatedly. Thus, reading The Secret will help you learn how to manifest the life you want each and every day. 

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2) Stinking Thinking is Too Easy

It is SUPER easy to be very negative towards ourselves and others. According to Psychology Today, “Multiple studies have revealed how chronic negative attitudes can adversely affect one’s healthhappiness, and well-being.” Given that negativity diminishes the type of lives we have, you must acknowledge when you are engaging in self-defeating talk, making negative assumptions, focusing on past negative events, or playing the comparison game. You are only hurting YOURSELF. The Secret will teach you how to change your stinking thinking. This is a lesson that needs to be learned and relearned repeatedly. 

My Brush Set Banners

Get your tickets HERE

3) Our Memories Aren’t As Long As We Think They Are

When it comes to the human brain, there are some interesting facts you should know about. According to southtree.com

  • “Short-term memory can hold up to 7 pieces of information at the same time… But only for around 20 seconds!”
  • “Most memories adults have come from when we were between 15 and 25 years old. The “reminiscence bump” which is the tendency for older adults to remember events that occurred during their adolescent and early adult years, can account for 60% of all memories.”
  • “The brain’s hippocampus (not hippopotamus!) plays a significant role in transforming short-term memories into long-term ones. It is a small horseshoe-shaped area in the brain, present symmetrically on both sides of the brain. It declines with time and by the age of 80, 20% of its nerve connections can be lost. If one side of the hippocampus is damaged, it won’t affect memory at all. However, damages to both sides will stop the storage of any new memories!” 

Our brain is a remarkable organ. I would argue it is the most important organ in the human body. Sadly, we will not remember every single thought we have or every event that takes place. The limitless knowledge you will learn in The Secret has to be re-read every year because: 

  • You will forget some of the knowledge you learned 
  • You will not understand all the advice the first time you read the book 
  • Your interpretations of the book will change year to year 
  • Re-reading the book will spark information that you learned and forgot  

4) You Are Your Own Savior

You are responsible for the following: 

  • Finding your life’s purpose 
  • Discovering your passions 
  • Understanding what makes you happy 
  • Establishing healthy boundaries personally and professionally  
  • Learning from “mistakes” or “failures”  

If you need to change your life, no one else is showing up to make the change possible. It will be up to YOU to make the necessary changes. You are your own savior and your #1 advocate.  

5) Never Too Much Positivity in Life

Rarely have I heard someone complain about having “too much” positivity in their life. If you read The Secret every year, you will be left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and activated to move forward with your goals and ambitions. The overwhelming positivity you are consuming will make you grateful. How could anyone have an issue with this? 

6) Learning is an Ongoing Process

As an educator, I notice people learn information when they repeatedly read and study the material. If you want to commit The Secret to memory, re-reading the book every year will make this possible. 

Winky Lux

Are you ready to read The Secret for 2019?