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About Us

Dressing Room 8 is a dedicated space for curvy women to discover, explore, and experiment with the latest fashion accessories styled to make any outfit unique.  If you’ve ever spent longer than you wanted to finding the right accessories to go with your outfit or are just looking for a unique piece that stands out, then we welcome you!


We offer curated Fashion Accessory Sets

Through relationships that we have established with distributors, we are able to offer curated high-quality fashion accessories at affordable prices!   You can select a styled accessory set or a personalized accessory set based on the look you’re trying to achieve.


We are your Personal Stylist

In need of some inspiration or just want us to do everything for you?  Our job is to scan the market for retailers that cater to your size and create outfits sent directly to your inbox for any style you’re trying to achieve: casual, wear-to-work (business), sexy, chic, casual, bold – you name it!  We work with well known brands as well as smaller regional boutiques. We will pair each outfit we pick for you with our accessories so you have a complete look ready to go!


We are your Coach & Cheerleader

Dressing Room 8 is not only a space for fashion but also for personal growth and improvement.


We are joining the fight to End Bullying

A portion of every sale we make will be donated to Stomp Out Bullying! 


Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!

We can’t launch our business without your support!  We are currently seeking donations below and will be launching a crowd funding campaign in May!

Scan or tap here to support our cause (no signups required). We appreciate your support!

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