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Photographer Spotlight: Robbie Joseph

Hey There Dressing Room 8 Family!  Check out my first blog post featuring Robbie Joseph!  He is a 22 year old photographer and videographer located in New York City. Creating strong visuals has always been a passion...

The Product for Curly Hair that Works Like a Charm!

This post is sponsored. Mixed Chicks provided the products in the post. My opinions are my own.  Why do I love Mixed Chicks? Because their products ACTUALLY work. I have a lot of curly thick...

Look Behind the Scenes of Mixed Chicks with Its Innovative Co-Founder

We always see those commercials for hair products that are intended to tame your hair and keep it healthy. Unfortunately, those products are made for one hair type and never completely satisfied your styling...

“100 Years of Beauty” through Video

Take a quick look around and you can see that self-image is extremely important to virtually everyone’s lives. Beauty and fashion trends have changed so much over the past few years (Never mind the...

Q&A with the Vivacious Velvet d’Amour behind VOL.UP.2 Magazine

As a platform for empowerment, we at Dressing Room 8 swoon over other strong figures in the plus size fashion industry who are creating avenues to empower women. Velvet d'Amour is dropping labels, breaking down barriers and...

Unbelievable Hats by Ms. Harriet Rosebud!

Ms. Harriet Rosebud is the co-owner of the largest hat factory in the U.S. - The American Hat Company located in Philadelphia, PA.  She also the producer of “The Great American Hat Show” – an annual...

Q&A with Jonquel Norwood: Body Positive Illustrator and Artist

Have you ever seen art that made you feel beautiful and special? That is what happened to me the first time I saw Jonquel Norwood's work. Born and raised in a small city outside of New...

LaTonia Robinson: The Plus Size Model You Want to Know!

LaTonia Robinson began her modeling career at the invitation of Head Designer/Owner, Nina Verklas for the House of “Bambina by NV” during Fashion Week Tampa Bay in 2010. It was from that experience that...

Marla Wynne: Fashion Designer for the Modern Woman

If you’re a plus size woman, you’ve probably heard at some point that wearing flowy clothes with lots of fabric will make you appear larger than you are; essentially to fear the flow. Well...
Qurvii collage

Qurvii: The Plus Size Retailer For True Fashion Lovers!

  Qurvii (pronounced Curvy) is a brand dedicated to making plus size women look fabulous and chic 24/7! Not only are their garments chic and elegant, but extremely high-quality. I loved every one of their looks...