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Who Are the Key Players In Your Life?

If life was a game of chess, who would be the key players in your life?  Do you ever take the time to think about who is in your life? If not, I dare you...

5 Easy Ways to Live Beyond Your Feelings

Over and over again, I hear people using their feelings as vindication for why they can or can't do something. This got me thinking about the danger of our "feelings" getting in the way...

8 Mantras for Daily Peace

Sometimes I feel like I'm living 3 full lives when I'm dealing with work, family, friends and career. In the past, I've often been overwhelmed at the number of different things I'm tasked with...

The Product for Curly Hair that Works Like a Charm!

This post is sponsored. Mixed Chicks provided the products in the post. My opinions are my own.  Why do I love Mixed Chicks? Because their products ACTUALLY work. I have a lot of curly thick...

Have You Been Bullied At Work?

If you’re like me, you’ve been bullied in the workplace. If you’re unsure, here are some subtle ways that bullying can happen in a work environment: Someone makes an offensive or demeaning comment to...
body magic book cover

Have You Found Your Body Magic?

As a plus size woman, I always get a happy feeling when I see plus size and curvy women represented in media; whether it be in books, film or television. I haven't come across many...