Marla Wynne: Fashion Designer for the Modern Woman

If you’re a plus size woman, you’ve probably heard at some point that wearing flowy clothes with lots of fabric will make you appear larger than you are; essentially to fear the flow.

Well guess what? That’s not necessarily true, and I came upon this realization with the help of designer-extraordinaire Marla Wynne, who invited me to her home and shared her fashion beliefs as well as some of her designs with me recently. I first met Marla during Full Figured Fashion Week in NY and became immediately fascinated with this woman’s fashion sense and aesthetic.

I myself have feared the flow, imagining myself looking like a big round blob every time I come across a drapey blouse. After trying on some of Marla’s designs, I was shocked at how sophisticated and chic flowy garments can actually be on someone who is plus size, when designed properly. This is what makes Marla Wynne unique. She approaches plus size design the same way she approaches designing straight size looks and doesn’t allow the size of the woman to dictate the taste-level of the look. Plus size clothing can be elegant, comfortable and chic. Thanks to Marla, I can say that I know my body slightly better than I did before and have a new perspective on how best to dress my pear shape.

To all the curvy ladies: embrace your curves and do not fear the flow! Our size does not limit our ability to be fabulous thanks to designers like Marla!



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