Every Woman is Capable of Feeling Beautiful, Intelligent and Fulfilled


Natasha Nurse 

As someone who was bullied for everything under the sun from a young age (my weight, height, skin color, even my laugh), I’ve had to experiment with many different outlets to cope and find strength throughout my life.

Aside from the love of my family and friends, I discovered that I derive a lot of my strength from the confidence I get when I put together an outfit that I feel beautiful wearing. 

There’s no denying the powerful feeling that comes from trying out a look in a dressing room and feeling beautiful and sharing that with the world.




It can act as both your shield and sword, because no matter what anyone else thinks, if you feel beautiful in what you’re wearing, then you have the power.


I launched Dressing Room 8 because every woman has the ability and right to feel beautiful, intelligent and fulfilled. I have met too many women in my life who are suffering because they hate how they look or feel helplessly stuck in their lives.


I’ve personally felt that way earlier on in my life, but have been fortunate enough to have met people who have mentored and helped me change my way of thinking to achieve what I’ve achieved.


So now I want to pay it forward.


Fashion Blog


The blog posts do not focus solely on the superficial aspects of fashion but with an eye towards how to use clothes to feel good. I also publish my interviews with CEOs, business owners, and designers in the plus size fashion industry so you can get a glimpse into the inspiration for these businesses and the amazing people behind them.




I’ve been a coach all my life and love listening to people’s stories. However, I never considered it as a career until my friends and their friends started telling me that they’d pay for my time and advice. I have a genuine belief that we are all capable of great things and can feel fulfilled in our lives; sometimes, it just takes a little bit of guidance to recognize it.


You can learn more about my coaching philosophy on this page. Please also check out testimonials from my past and current clients here.


Thank you for visiting Dressing Room 8. My only hope is that you find something valuable here that you can use to make your life better in some way.


~ Natasha


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