6 Things I Can’t Live Without

Whether I am cruising on the expressway in Long Island, walking by the pond in Central Park, or randomly picking pumpkins at a farm in a nearby state, when I see certain things, something comes over me striking my impulse nerve- and I have to buy it. 

Here are 6 things I have to get if they come across my path!

I am OBSESSED with elephants. They are gentle giants who are magnificent animals. If I see clothes that are elephant related, I jump for joy then instantly throw it in my shopping cart, unconcerned with price tags. What counts is how it fits into my ever growing closet ;p

I always carry a million pens in my purse. When I come across a pen with a motivational message, my heart swoons. You can never have enough positivity each and every day.  

I am so in love with Druzy Earrings. Tell me how you could walk past these in a store without picking up a pair in as many colors as possible? They are such an easy accessory.

If motivational pens get me giddy, you should totally see my face when I read motivational books like The Secret. When we are having those moments of self-doubt or insecurity, we need positive books to keep us grounded and motivated to push through difficult moments. It is the only way to achieve what we want. 

With my big beautiful curly locks, I truly enjoy picking up various headwraps that add that must have magic to my look. Tell me you don’t need this in your life? 

I am constantly looking for a new bag. I have a lot that I carry around and I need a purse that makes me happy all the time. The minute that feeling stops is the moment when I start my new journey to find the next bag I love. 

We all have something that we absolutely love, especially when it comes to shopping. 

I have to know…what are your must haves? 

~ Natasha 

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  • Maryanne Theodore
    Jun 22, 2017 Reply

    Great list... I also have a list of the things I possibly can't live without on my blog, you can check it out at your spare time www.maryannetheodore.com.ng/2017/03/8-things-i-possibly-cant-live-without.html

    • Natasha
      Jun 23, 2017 Reply

      Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

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