Making this a Stress Free Year

It is 2017, and I am excited to make this year as memorable and prosperous as possible. In order to do this, there are things that have to be properly addressed. As I shared in Plus Model Magazine, there are portions of myself I plan to bury and say goodbye in order to actualize what I want in life. 

A huge part of success requires your ability to clear your mind of stress, worry and distractions so you can focus on what is really important. 

So how you do actually live a stress free life? 

We all have specific techniques and habits that calm us down. But there are 5 main things we can all remember to do to ensure we are as focused and dedicated to what matters most.  

  1. Breathe – How many times when you are arguing, dealing with a problem, or trying to find a solution to problem do you take a moment to breathe? If you take a minute to take deep breaths you will be surprised to see how less stressful, overwhelming or overbearing the circumstance you are dealing with really is. 
  2. Take Time to Pause – If you are busy every day it can feel like a double edge sword. You are happy that you are busy with something you are passionate about it. On the other hand, you can feel overtaken by the amount of work you are dealing with day after day. How do you resolve this issue? PAUSE. Take the time to interrupt your busy schedule to do something for you. Go to the symphony. Have date night with yourself or loved one. See that movie you have been dying to see for last couple of weeks. Whatever it is, you have to prioritize you if you to ensure you are being taken care of. 
  3. Exercise Out the Energy – You don’t need start running along the Hudson River to fully get rid of your anxious energy. You would be surprised how more calm you will feel by incorporating stretching into your daily regiment. 
  4. Move away from the Negativity – I truly believe the biggest causes for stress stems from negativity. Worrying about things not in our control, the unknown, or fears of what is to come isn’t doing anything other than stressing you out. Step away from the news broadcasts, the continual naysayers, and doubters who cause you endless grief – this is will be an ongoing process that is oh so worth doing 😉 
  5. Plan for the Promise of Tomorrow – Having a mindset for what you don’t want = stress of this undesirable outcome. Cut it out! Plan, act, and believe that you can achieve what you want to happen. Anything else is useless and clearly futile.

In light of what is happening in our world, it is important to recognize the power we have over how we feel and how we allow our feelings to affect our choices. 

Reducing and removing stress, worry, and fear will lead to decisions and outcomes directly connected to what we did to achieve them not the worry about making it happen. 

Are you ready to take the stress out of your life? 

~ Natasha 

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