Style Guide To Make Our Men As Stylish As Us

Weddings and special events take place year after year. Ladies, as we focus on what we are wearing and the image we want to portray, our guys are rummaging through their bottom drawers for clothes from who knows when. Getting dressed up is fun and exciting, but it is also super fun to style our partners so we can slay the town as a pair. To start off this styling makeover, I got to know The Black Tux

Check out The Black Tux style guide below!

Fashion is always more than just the clothes we are wearing. It is our ability to express who we are without speaking one word. Our first impression is completely in our control. When you are a couple, it is not just our own personal image that we are focusing on. But, it is the image of both of you and your partner that matters. Getting educated on the topic is always a good start.  

When it comes to male styling, what are good ties that match certain events? Do our guys know what looks are casual versus dressy? Thankfully, brands like The Black Tux are here to help. 

Want to know how The Black Tux works? It is real simple: 

  1. Choose a style (stylist picked or a custom look) 
  2. Get the perfect fit 
  3. Try on your suit 
  4. Love your dapper suit 

Ladies, I am dying to know what you and your guy think about The Black Tux. Make sure to check them out for any occasion.

~ Natasha 

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