Do You Know The Story Behind The Love Group?

Hey There! Have you networked this month? This week? Or, even today? If not, what is standing in your way? 

Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.   

– Michele Jennae

Why Does Networking Matter? 

I attribute every opportunity that has come my way to NETWORKING! This means you should never fear or doubt the power of it. Rather, you need to embrace it for your personal and professional goals. (Check out the Ultimate Guide To Overcoming the Fear of Networking

After my interview on My Home Town, the host connected me with Kim Weiler, the founder of The Love Group and Healing My Skin, LLC. After connecting in person, we have not only collaborated together but she has been a tremendous addition to my life. So, I absolutely needed to interview her and share her incredible story with YOU. 

Who is Kim Weiler?

Kim Weiler is devoted to guiding others on the path to a healthy life, not just through dietary changes, but also a large helping of self-love. Her 21-year journey to healing began when she developed the autoimmune disease psoriasis at age 19. Struggling with the skin condition her entire adult life, Kim saw her skin clear up after implementing a strict regimen of proper nutrition, which included self-love – the number one “food” for the soul. After a long career working in all facets of the TV and film industry, she is now helping others through her non-profit organization, The Love Group, a unique speaking agency whose goal is to inspire and educate the next generation of female leaders. She is an International Certified Holistic Health Coach, Psoriasis Expert, Author, and Speaker.

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