Every Girl Needs to See this Jeans Style Guide from Simply Be

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Hey There! Are you enjoying New York Fashion Week? So far, I have had a blast attending Curvy Con and the Teen Vogue Body Party. As we walk into the fall season, I am excited to share this oh so cool Simply Be Jeans Guide. 

Made with love by Simply Be.


Styling Tips Just For You

#1 Pick Colors that Work for Day & Night Looks

When getting dressed for the day, do you get a feeling of accomplishment when your outfit easily transitions from a day to night look? I totally do. When you are living your life, your clothes need to support the life you are living. Why not choose a pair of jeans that are fashionable and versatile? 

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#2 Shop According to Your Size

It seems obvious, but are you shopping for your current size? Dressing the body you have is key. Unless you are a seer, you can’t predict what size you will be three or six months from now. Enjoy dressing the body you have right now. That is how you honor yourself (and your curves)! 

#3 Care for Your Jeans (They will Last Longer)

Jeans need love too 🙂 Check out THE EVERYGIRL Guide to learn to keep your Jeans looking better for longer. 

#4 Embrace Something New

Tired of wearing the same four outfits in your closet? Stop it! You are in control of how daring and bold you are in life and with your closet! I encourage you to buy the following: 

A type of Jeans You have Never worn before AND a color You typically avoid 

#5 Live It Up 

Now that you have picked out the jeans you need, what do you do now? You better go out and live your best life in those jeans. Need I say more? 

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  • Shayna W.
    Sep 27, 2018 Reply

    is it better to get jeans that are very tight and fitted and later they will stretch out a bit or should i buy a size that fits looseely now? I want to look good in my jeans

    • Natasha
      Sep 28, 2018 Reply

      Hi Shayna! It depends on your preference of how it will fit and look on your body. If you prefer formfitting jeans then you should get them. If you like more of a relaxed fit of jeans then go with those. I personally prefer formfitting jeans. Life is too short not to buy the clothes you want.

  • Ioanna
    Sep 15, 2018 Reply

    you make me want to go out and buy a pair of jeans. I havent worn jeans in years because of the fit. your guide give me good ideas what to look for in jeans.

    • Natasha Nurse
      Sep 15, 2018 Reply

      Thanks Loanna! Yes! You should definitely give jeans another try :)

    • Shayna W.
      Sep 27, 2018 Reply

      You need to get you some now.

      • Shayna W.
        Sep 27, 2018 Reply

        i meant for Ioanna

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