Dressing Room 8 Book Club June Meeting Recap

Blackness Visible: Essays on Philosophy and Race by Charles W. Mills is a collection of essays that explore the intersection of race, philosophy, and politics. The book takes up the task of examining the concept of race and its impact on society as a whole. It also offers a philosophical examination of how racism has existed in American history and how it continues to affect our lives today.

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Book Club Discussion Points

It’s important to discuss race in America because it’s a part of our history that we need to understand in order to move forward. We are all products of our environment and the conditions under which we were raised shape who we become. If we don’t have an accurate understanding of how people have been treated in the past, we will not be able to create a society where everyone feels welcome and included.

In order for our society to heal and move forward, we need to acknowledge the ways in which our country has failed its people of color. We need to confront the fact that our institutions—from schools to courts to police departments—weren’t designed to benefit all citizens in the country. And we need to understand how those institutions continue to perpetuate injustice today.

If we’re going to have an honest discussion about race in America, we have to acknowledge that these injustices exist—and that they are systemic rather than isolated incidents!

That’s why I am so excited to discuss race on Juneteeth because we all have a responsibility to help improve our country by talking about race openly and honestly!

July Book Club Meeting

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