I Want Glitter Everywhere!

Hello! My name is Natasha Nurse and I am OBSSESSED with glitter. 

I want to be able to walk outside and just be covered in glitter. 

Glitter should fall from my hair as I walk by, and people should stop me and ask me where they can get some of that stuff.

I want it everywhere—it should be like rainbows in the sky, or a starry night sky, except that instead of stars there are tiny little pieces of glitter, and instead of rainbows there are rainbow-colored strands of glitter woven into a carpet leading up to my front door. Or maybe there’s an entire rainbow made out of glitter that follows me as I drive around town with my windows rolled down (because who wants to close their windows on such a beautiful day?). The possibilities are endless! 

Is it clear how much I love glitter?

Glitter makes me feel like I can do anything—like I can be anything. It’s a magic wand that transforms me into a fierce warrior princess in a world full of endless drama and conflict.

When I talk about glitter, I’m talking about products with glitter that can change your life forever.

Top 5 Must-Have Glitter Products

#1 Exsens Glam Oil, Gold Shimmer Body Luminizer, Hydrate Skin for an Illuminous Glow, Non-Sticky, Eco-Friendly, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free, 50ml (1.7 fl oz)

#2 Seed Spring 24K Gold & Sugar Body Scrub - Exfoliating Body Scrub - Moisturizing & Deep Cleansing - Remove Dead Skins - Anti Aging Hydrating Body Scrub for Women Men - 10 oz

#3 Maree Eye Gel Pads - Reduce Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Eye Bags - Natural Marine Collagen Eye Gels with Hyaluronic HA - Anti Aging Eye Mask Patches & Face Moisturizer

#4 evpct 12Pcs Green Blue Brown White Colored Gel Glitter Eyeliner Pencils Pen Set lapiz delineadores de colores para ojos contra el agua Black Eye Liner Gel Pencil for Women Waterproof Smudge Proof

#5 UNICORN SNOT Holographic Glitter Lip Gloss Set - Cosmetic Grade - Body Art - Vegan & Cruelty Free - 0.34 Fl Ounce (Blue 2-Pack)

Which glitter product are you most excited to try?

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