Dangerous Curves Recap: Pole Dancing, Curvy Women & Good Times!

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In case you haven’t yet heard, plus size women are plus size pole dancingrockin’ the competitive pole-dancing scene! Yours truly got to witness the action first hand at this year’s Dangerous Curves: the biggest, baddest, most awesome plus size pole competition in the country!– an event founded and organized by Roz Mays, a true pioneer in this sport.

How was my experience you ask? Truly unforgettable! It was a night filled with beauty, talent, sexuality, and intense fun! The crowd was amazing and the energy uncontained. The women on stage are true athletes and can teach us all a few things about confidence.

Specifically, there are a couple of things I learned from that night:

  1. You can’t assume how fit someone is based on her appearance and size. I bet there are many “fit” looking people who couldn’t do half of what these women did on that pole!

  2. Confidence is contagious – I thought I’d never be confident enough to try pole dancing but am now inspired to sign up for a class after seeing how comfortable these women were with their bodies.

  3. There is a lot of support for this sport and the audience in attendance was very diverse: Everyone had a blast!

Enjoy my photo recap from the event and hope to see you there next year!


Bibi Munreau

Dorothy Gale

Rhian Dubois

Melanie Rose


Rachel Winton

Jenny Greene

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