Eleven60: Plus Size Fashion Line by GRAMMY-Nominated Singer, Kierra Sheard!

Kierra SheardKierra Sheard is probably most known as the Grammy-nominated Gospel Singer with a voice like non-other. But this woman’s talents are not restricted to music by any means. As an entrepreneur with an eye for fashion, Kierra already has a successful line of women’s hosiery, Sheers by Sheard, and most recently launched Eleven60, a chic and sexy fashion line for plus size women that combines the fashion trends of NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo and Seoul. 

As a full–figured woman herself, Sheard is designing from the consumer’s perspective. Full-figured consumers have often complained that it is difficult to find quality clothing in their size. Most women like Kierra are only able to invest in expensive shoes as opposed to clothing because contemporary trends don’t have the fashion or the right “fit” for the curvy consumer. Kierra’s perspective gives her an added advantage as both a consumer and a designer!

Check out our interview with the wondeful and talend Kierra Sheard below!

Natasha: Why did you decide to go into fashion? Did you have that ah-ha moment, or did you always have an interest in fashion?    

Kierra: I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. My family are leaders in the church so image and presentation are things I have been mindful of my entire life. I am excited to go forward.  

Natasha: What do you love most about fashion?  

IMG_5900Kierra: I love that fashion is fast and challenging. I hope peplums never go out of style!  Fashion is your first impression and it speaks louder than the clothes themselves. It is more about who you are.   

Natasha: What is the story behind eleven60?   

Kierra: It stands for my mother’s birthday. She really has inspired me. When I was picked on in school she would always find creative ways to make me have cool clothing and make things much better. 

Natasha: What are your inspirations for your designs?  

Kierra: I love fashion from film! Also, I love my mother and grandmother’s fashion style.   

Natasha: How would you describe your own personal style? 

Kierra: I am all over the place. I like fashion that is fun, looks clean and I am conscious about how clothes fit my body type.  

Natasha: Who are some of your favorite designers/brands (outside of eleven60)?  

Kierra: I love Alice & Olivia, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Topshop, Karl Lagerfeld, Carolina Herrera, Alexander McQueen, and Michael Costello.   

Natasha: Who is your target customer?   

Kierra: She is a woman who likes to shop and spend money on IMG_5898fashion. She wants to feel confident and feel good in what she is wearing. She wants her clothes to be chic, regal, classy, and edgy.  

Natasha: What advice do you have for others who are aspiring or new fashion designers?  

Kierra: #1 – Understand all the costs involved 

#2 – Make sure you spend the time you need with your designs and samples. Sometimes it is okay to sit with an idea or concept a little longer.  

#3 – Learn your market  

#4 – Surround yourself with those who know fashion and the business of fashion!  

Natasha: How do you stay grounded when you are multitasking and have a lot going on?  

Kierra: I have really good people in my life that I can trust, I pray and prioritize what I need to do. And I have learned to say No!  

It is clear that Kierra is both fearless and quite the shining star!     

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      Yeah....she is offering stylish clothes.

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    Of course I had to comment - I'm plus sized and my name is Natasha!!! I didn't know of this line of plus-sized clothing so thanks!

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      Thanks Natasha! We appreciate your support! And, it is ALWAYS fabulous chatting with another Natasha :)
      Stay tuned for our upcoming posts!

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