LaTonia Robinson: The Plus Size Model You Want to Know!

LaTonia Robinson began her modeling career at the invitation of Head Designer/Owner, Nina Verklas for the House of “Bambina by NV” during Fashion Week Tampa Bay in 2010. It was from that experience that she found a new way to truly enjoy the evolution of fashion, and why she decided to become a voice for curvy women.

LaTonia has since walked the runway as a Plus Size /Curve Model for numerous fashion shows including Full Figured Fashion Week in New York (2015 and 2014), New York Fashion Week SS 2014 for Betty Jean Couture, as well as local runway shows in the Tampa Florida area including Christian Fashion Week, St. Pete Art & Fashion Week, Haute Accessories Fashion Week, Embrace Your Curves, and many more. She has participated as a model for various television programing on major networks such as WFLA-NBC, CNN Latino and Telemundo. 

Check out our Q&A with LaTonia, the Bombshell!


Natasha: What are the things you like about the plus size modeling industry? 

LaTonia: There is a lot of love and unity in the community! There is no putting each other down. We are good at building each other up!  

Natasha: Are there things you would like to change in the plus size industry? 

LaTonia: The lack of professionalism across the board. Models knowing what being a model means.     

Natasha: What resources did you use to start your modeling career? 

LaTonia: Google! I researched as much as I could and took feedback from designers and photographers. Plus Model Magazine is such a great resource for models. And, I loved Sharon Quinn’s Model Intensive Class I attended a couple of years ago.  

When you start, you will need to learn how to accept rejection. That is inevitable and you can’t take it personal. You shouldn’t let the NO’S stop you!  

Natasha: What has been a meaningful modeling experience of yours? Why?   

LaTonia: Sharon Quinn’s model intensive training for FFFWeek. She is not afraid to tell you practice over and over again. 

Natasha: What are some of the struggles you deal with as a model? 

LaTonia: Going to the agencies can be tough! When you go in with your comp card and they are not interested. Not, knowing what they are looking for at the time. Plus, social media can be so cruel. And, lack of professionalism where people don’t get back to you is really frustrating.  

Natasha: Do you feel modeling empowers you?

LaTonia: Yes, it is empowering! It takes a lot of nerve to go out on stage for the world. As a model, you might have to wear clothes that aren’t your personal style but you still have to sell it! Modeling allows me to be a role model for young girls to help them feel beautiful and feel confident in who they are regardless of their size!  

Natasha: What changes would you like to see in the plus size industry? 

LaTonia: First, I would like to see the industry to evolve to include plus size in NY Fashion week every year. Second, it should be common to see plus size models on the covers of magazines showing her whole body. Third, designers would equally learn how to cut clothes for straight and plus size women. 

Natasha: What advice do you have for others in the industry?

LaTonia: #1 – Listen to your elders in the industry 

#2 – Always be the best you can be

#3 – Never fear learning from your mistakes  

Keep an eye out for LaTonia in the next fashion show!



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  • Poppy
    Nov 24, 2015 Reply

    love your post !! I think there is something wrong with the world that a women this beautiful, talented and healthy is considered plus size ... We need to change this industry ! Gorgeous!!

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