Meet Mickey Armstrong, the Man Behind The Curves Ahead Project!

Mickey ArmstrongMickey Armstrong, photographer and founder of The Curves Ahead Project, wants to empower and inspire women of all sizes to embrace their bodies, their dreams and their goals, even when they are told they can’t succeed. He decided to take on this project because he noticed a trend in many of his clients who contacted him for photos. Many of his clients have been curvy women looking to have nice photos done to make them feel good about themselves. They would complain about photographers refusing to work with them because of their size and curves. They would also complain about photographers not knowing how to photograph a full figured and curvy woman.

Mickey has also struggled with weight for most of his life. He has had to endure the hurtful remarks, disapproving looks, and constant struggle that comes along with being larger than what society says is acceptable. It was a combination of conversations with previous clients, and his own journey through life as a plus child and then as a plus man in adulthood, that inspired The Curves Ahead Project.

Built on the belief that beauty and confidence cannot and should not be defined by a dress size and should not be restricted to just one type of person. The Curves Ahead Project focuses on full figured women and showcases them in a positive and tasteful light. The goal behind the project is to show the world that beauty and confidence come in all different shapes and sizes.

Check out my Q&A with this motivational man!

Natasha: What is The Curves Ahead Project

Mickey: I wanted to create an art book to feature full figured women that come from different backgrounds. Volume One focused on plus size women but I am planning for a second volume that will feature plus size men. 

Natasha: Why do you think no one is discussing the struggles of plus size men? 

Mickey: The term “plus size” is usually associated with women. Plus, there is a misconception that men don’t care about being overweight. Men are more likely to laugh and joke about their body weight.

Natasha: What are some of the body image issues that you have personally dealt with being plus size?  

Mickey: #1 – Always being the big guy in the group 

#2 – The subject of jokes in school

#3 – Using  food as a crutch 

Natasha: What are your goals for The Curves Ahead Project?

Mickey: For women, I want to be another voice sharing that women are beautiful no matter what! For the plus size male movement, I want to open the door to this conversation. We are a segmented population who have money to spend. Also, hoping there are more options for the plus size man!  

Natasha: Do you think there can be a unification between the plus size female and plus size male movement?  

Mickey: Yes, unification would make it easier for both groups! Women and men might not share the exact same issues but there is a similar purpose behind what both groups want!

As a plus size woman, I sadly have to say I have forgotten the struggles and concerns of the plus size man. When I came across Mickey’s campaign, I was really interested in learning more! 

The Plus Size Male movement is a conversation we should be having! And it is a privilege and honor to get to know Mickey and the great work he is doing for plus size women AND men! 

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