Terr Cacilia: SKORCH Magazine Junior Editor You Need to Know!

In 2011, at only 16 Terr Cacilia began her journey in the fashion industry when she started blogging and creating YouTube content as a sophomore in high school. She has continued establishing herself as one of the most recognizable junior plus size Bloggers/Youtubers. Over her time as a YouTuber/ Blogger she has produced over 300 videos/post, and produces new content continually.

She has served as the Junior Editor for SKORCH Magazine since 2013, and is the youngest editor in the publication’s seven-year history. She has interviewed well known photographers, designers, models, and style influencers. While developing strong, and significant relationships with some of the industry top leaders. Terr has also worked with many brands such as Ready to Stare, Avenue, Chubby Cartwheels, Moon Cats, Trixxi Girl, Society Plus (Formally Cool Gal Blue), Spoonful of Glitter, Karnation, Feminine Funk, SwimSuitsForAll, and NY2You!

Most recently Terr became the East Coast brand representative for Moss+Crown Apparel in the Summer of 2015. Since 2011, Terr has attend NYFW events annually along with other influential fashion events. Through these events she has made many strong networking connections, and has done social media coverage for SKORCH Magazine, Curvy Connect Magazine, and Majour Magazine (Formerly PHAT Magazine).

Natasha: Tell me about yourself. Who is Terr Cacilia to the World?  

Terr: People see me as a confident young woman who has everything figured out. I am seen as very put together. However, I see myself as still developing. I am an ongoing creation.  

Natasha: What does being Junior Editor at SKORCH Magazine involve? What is the one thing you love most about the position?

Terr: I love that I am the person who I didn’t have when I was younger. As a Junior Editor, I am responsible for putting together editorial features on brands, styles that I think the junior plus community should know. And, it is so great connecting with designers, bloggers, and various brands. At SKORCH Magazine, we really do put our hearts and souls in everything published!

Natasha: What made you fall in love with fashion?  

Terr: When I was 5 years old, my grandparents used to take me to off-broadway shows. I was so fascinated with what the actors were wearing. I thought shows were the greatest fantasy of life. Fashion is so much more than layers of clothes. It is a part of so many different scenes of your life. There is such a psychological aspect of fashion. I love what your fashion can say. I know that when I am old, I will still be dressing up!  

Natasha: How would you describe your specific style?  

Terr: I like rock & roll in everything I do. Whether it is punk, grungy or old school, I add a rock & roll feel to it. Also, I noticed that I have a lot of black in my closet, which reminds me of Johnny Cash. Which I am very okay with!  

Natasha: How did you get started with creating your YouTube Platform? What should people be taking from your channel?  

Terr: I needed an outlet so I started my own channel. I started making body positive videos. I want to have real heart to heart conversations with my followers. I want people to love themselves and celebrate their bodies and who they are! And, I wanted to show people that anyone can put an outfit together or do a quick beauty tutorial video. There are no limitations!  

Natasha: What are somethings in the media or on social media that you want changed regarding people’s perception of plus size women?    

Terr: #1 – I really do not like how plus size people are seen as lazy or not capable of exercise!  

#2 – When I was single, 5-6 years ago, I thought it was weird that people assumed that plus size people were seen as ‘easy’ or desperate.  

#3 – When plus size women are oversexualized or put into a fetish. I hate when plus size women are in the public view and are seen as more explicit because of their curves.  

Natasha: In 10 years, how do you think society will view “plus size”?

Terr: I hope plus size is not seen as a new exciting thing but it will be a normal thing, because it is! I still want the distinction of “plus” as there is a clear difference between plus and straight size.   

Natasha: Where do you fit in with that change?   

Terr: I want to be a voice for those who aren’t saying what is important to them. Whether it is related to fashion, politics or social context I want to put words to context.  

Natasha: Lastly, what are three things that people don’t know about you?  

Terr: #1 – I don’t have any tattoos (Most people expect me to have many)  

#2 – My favorite book is the Bible  

#3 – I am a Medium! 

It is an honor and a privilege to know there are young women like Terr Cacilia dedicated to showing women how cool it is to accept and love yourself! 

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