8 Australian Designer Fashion Labels for Curvy Women

Finding quality, stylish plus-sized clothes can be a pain in the butt, but curvy ladies of the world rejoice! These eight fashion labels embrace and celebrate your figure, letting you feel confident and sexy no matter your body type. 

  1. Advocado Plus

With possibly the best label name ever, Advocado Plus toes the line between fashion-forward and classic. Offering wardrobe staples that will last you for years, Advocado Plus (I seriously can’t stop saying the name) will make you feel all kinds of adult and classy. 

  1. Spell

This sweet line, created by sisters Elizabeth and Isabella and first sold at local markets, will appeal to curvy hipster ladies far and wide. This whimsical line is full of lacy fabrics and flowered prints that will distract and delight! 

  1. Love Your Wardrobe

Sometimes we all need a little confidence boost (or shove), and this label is here to deliver. Boasting clothes made for “real women”, Love Your Wardrobe offers stylish and well-made clothing that is surprisingly budget-friendly. 

  1. Kita Ku

This unique label was born and raised in Australia, designed by a woman who has lived in Bali for years, studying the way they dye and hand-stamp exotic fabrics and then applying the techniques to her own designs. Pretty inspired, right? You’ll definitely feel a bit of her fire and passion when you wear these stunning patterns, made only for plus-size figures. 

  1. Harlow

This label is all about righteous girl-power, starting with its sexy name. Warning; these ain’t your momma’s clothes. Strut your stuff in rock-star worthy sexy tops and curve-hugging leather pants. Get yourself noticed, and as the label’s designers say, “stand tall and proud!” 


Designed by superstar 26-year old Charina Warne, LALA BELLE aims to not just mimic what’s available for non-plus figures, but to offer something even better. This upscale line offers clothes that are sexy and flattering, and that will make you feel like a retro bombshell. Thought you couldn’t pull off strapless, or nude lace? Think again. These clothes are made to hug your curves and slay with attention-grabbing colors and cuts. 

  1. Swish

This plus-size, local label is so popular and beloved that they actually started making smaller sizes available due to so much public demand. That’s right. These clothes are just so well-fitting and stylish, that it’s making everyone else jealous. They have an insanely large catalogue, covering everything from work to weddings. Even better, the clothes are 90% Australian-made and the brand is proud of their local manufacturing, which allows them to better ensure the quality of their clothes. 

  1. Taking Shape

This globally-recognized line is all about attitude and individuality. They pride themselves on being a “one-stop shop”, where you can get loungewear, activewear, swimwear, and even accessories. Taking Shape has everything you might need, and you’ll feel comfortable and confident when you pick this award-winning label.

E-commerce means that the world is your shopping mall. There are plenty of plus size fashion abroad and it’s time to take advantage of some foreign flare!

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