Finding Comfort with Q-T Intimates

This is a sponsored post. Q-T Intimates provided the bras reviewed. All opinions are my own. 

Finding a good bra doesn’t have to feel exhausting or deflating. Once you know your actual size, trying on new bras to see what fits the best should feel good. Looking good really does begin with well fitting intimate wear. I was beyond thrilled to put Q-T Intimates to the test! 

Yvonne Bra – Perfect Fit for the Day to Day  

There are many reasons why you will fall in love this bra. Here are my top three reasons why the Yvonne Bra works for me! 

  1. Super affordable! Whether your budget is small or high, $30 works just right!
  2. Right Tone – White or black doesn’t always work. When you have caramel, then it can work for many different tops. 
  3. Comfortable Push Up – Having a bit of support without losing comfort is key. We have to wear bras longer than two hours. Having something that works all day is ideal 😉 

Amanda Clamshell Bra – Is a Beautiful Gem Just For You! 

When you are wearing something extra special, you can’t help but feel more confident and capable. Here are my top reasons why the Amanda Clamshell Bra is a MUST have!

  1. Affordable luxury – This bra is not only affordable, but it just feels more expensive than its $30 price tag.
  2. Playful – If you never felt like you could have fun in your bra, this one will change your mind instantly. 
  3. Versatile– Depending on your bra size, certain styles probably work better if you have a smaller or larger bust. This gem is more than a bra. It is practically magic! 

In addition to these wondrous bras, there are an assortment of underwear, accessories, shapewear and so much more to discover!

Happy Shopping Ladies! 

~ Natasha 

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