Phone Loops Stop You From Going Loopy

This is a sponsored post. Phone Loops were provided for the post. My opinion is all my own. 

I am all about fashionable products, especially ones that protect the technology we love. During our busy lives, it is important to be able to rely on our very important tech. It is what makes life that much easier. When I learned about Phone Loops, I was completely riveted. I thought this could be useful and add a touch of flare to my phone that I always have by my side.  

The Petite Loop is perfect for the woman on go. You simply stick this strap to your phone (or inside it’s case) and then stick your hand through the loop. Now, when I jump in the car, pick up dry cleaning, or grab my lunch, I don’t have to worry about my phone taking a big nose dive onto the pavement. It just dangles from my wrist, so even if it slips from my hand it avoids a scary drop. I need to securely hold my phone while juggling the bag, keys, and everything else in the back seat 🙂

Even when walking the dog, I like to keep my phone out. The Ninja Loop works just right, allowing me to grab my dog’s leash, while stealthily keeping my phone attached to my hand. This loop is placed so that your hand sits between the loop and the case. With this setup I don’t have to worry about securely gripping my phone, which is definitely a challenge when my dog spots a cat. I can breathe a sigh of relief that my phone stays safely in my hand, while I stay close to my pooch! 

If you are like me, your phone is always in hand when walking to and from places, when entering buildings, and usually within immediate danger. The Ninja Loop increases your dexterity allowing you to multitask with much less effort! 

Fashionable technology like Phone Loops is a must have because:  

  1. Affordable Pricing – Technology that doesn’t break your bank is every girl’s dream.
  2. Lifestyle Compliment – The Phone Loops provides security and fashion all in one! 
  3. Variety – I love the variety of colors and print available. Plus you can even order your own Custom Phone Loops.

Want to get your own? Dropping your precious phone can drive you loopy. I’d suggest checking out Phone Loops, so your phone is on the loop and you can safely continue your on-the-go life! 

~ Natasha 

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