Why Curvy Women should Embrace the Sports Luxe Trend this Season

Encouraging women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their curves and style confidence is something we will tirelessly encourage. One trend we’ve seen blow up this year in the ‘sports luxe’ trend, with basically stands for luxury sports wear.

Chilled, relaxed cuts, muted colors and comfortable fabrics and textures, sports luxe – also known as ‘athleisure’ is essentially the tailoring of gym clothes so that they’re officially acceptable to wear in all social situations. Think lazy weekend loungewear with a touch of glamour.  It’s snug, relaxed, and genuinely looks good, but how should a curvy girl best nail this trend? Joggers and trainers that look smart enough to wear to work? Count us in…

Tailored Joggers

We all love our sweatpants, but they’re not exactly something we’d wear beyond the boundaries of our own homes/ the gym. This year has seen the rise of the ‘tailored jogger’, and frankly, it’s like all of our prayers have officially been answered.  Tailored joggers are basically ultimate comfort goals, combined with sweatpants that are actually flattering and on trend. The assumption that no one looks good in joggers in a think of the past, and we couldn’t be happier about.

Couture Trainers

Wave goodbye to achy feet after a long day at work forever! Finally, trainers don’t have to be for the commute alone. The new wave of couture trainers means you can now find pairs with luxury features and fabrics. Think velvet, leather and suede, all in muted neutral hues, elevating the humble trainer into a smart shoe.

The Bomber

Bomber Jackets are so in right now, and they’re a key staple of the sport luxe trend. Flattering, retro and totally wearable, we can’t get enough of them. What’s even better, because they are so popular at the moment, there are so many different styles around! Think all over sequin, silky pastel satins and detail floral embroidery – we’d like one of each, please.

Have we sold you yet? Personally, we actually can’t really find anything that’s not to like about this trend. Oversized Tees and printed leggings are what we’ve worn around the house for the past decade – of course we want it to be acceptable in the real world! What are you favorite sports luxe brands? Let us know below!

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