Fall In Love with See Rose Go

Have you fallen in love with See Rose Go? Well…I have fallen head over heels over this new brand’s passion and design. See Rose Go is a new luxury fashion brand for curvy women that is beautifully designed with quality, fit and style at the heart of the brand.

Created by fashion industry veterans and friends, Erin Cavanaugh and Yi Zhou have collectively over 30 years of global fashion experiences working for Nike, Nordstrom, American Eagle and Converse in design, marketing and merchandising.

Developed with a lot of heart, and a desire to inspire and empower, See Rose Go is motivated by the needs of modern women today.

Who Are The Co-Founders Behind See Rose Go?

Yi Zhou, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Trained in the Netherlands, Zhou designed for several brands before landing at Nike Inc., where she developed a reputation for blending intelligent design with savvy street-fashion. Based initially in Hong Kong, Zhou also presented her own eponymous collection to acclaim, based on her diverse fashion background and influenced by the fluid design sensibility of Ann Demeulemeester and Isabel Marant. Since 2005, Zhou has been based in New York. The depth of her international experience with global brands spans leadership design roles at Nike, Converse and American Eagle. In 2008, she oversaw and lead Converse’s foray into ready-to-wear as Global Design Director. Zhou’s creative approach is based on a solid technical foundation mixed with a fine-tuned personal style. “My clothes are designed to make women feel beautiful, confident and comfortable.”

Erin Cavanaugh, Co-Founder

Born and raised in California, Cavanaugh’s formally pursued her life-long passion for art and fashion while studying in London and majoring in Communications and Fine Art at Creighton University. Graduating with honors, Cavanaugh returned to the US and started a diverse career with Nordstrom Inc., in retail buying, merchandising and marketing.

In 2008, Cavanaugh was recruited by Converse, a division of Nike, Inc., to lead, establish and expanded the company’s apparel business as their Global Merchandise Director. Connecting the iconic brand to a new global customer, Cavanaugh expanded Converse’s international footprint- from New York to Los Angeles, from Amsterdam to Shanghai- achieving double-digit growth under her leadership.

See Rose Go is fueled by Cavanaugh’s experiences and desire to identify pioneering solutions that will positively impact women and encourage them to be the best version of themselves.

Why Do I Love See Rose Go?

Fashion is not an easy industry to get into. There is a lot of noise that a brand has to cut across to make their voice heard. Creating a genuine and authentic brand is a tall order. Truly listening and catering to your customer is no easy feat, BUT…If you actually do take the time to create your unique message, create an authentic brand, and constantly engage with your growing audience, the results are magical. 

This is what See Rose Go is all about. They are WAY more than just a fashion brand. They actually want to support the curvy woman in her daily activities so she can use her fashion easily in her busy and demanding life.  

What Are My Top Three Picks? 

Everyday Legging

Statement Coat

Kimono Cardigan

What is My Challenge For You?

#1 Get to Know See Rose Go 

If you aren’t already familiar with See Rose Go, you owe it yourself to go to their Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube account to get to know the brand in greater detail. (Soon enough you will consider See Rose Go a part of your family) 

#2 Talk to See Rose Go

So many women I speak with talk about brands with their friends, family, and social media platforms. But, do they take the time to share their praises and concerns with the brands themselves? See Rose Go wants to hear from YOU. Reach out to them and have a conversation with the Co-Founders (These ladies are AMAZING). 

#3 Support See Rose Go

When you find great fashion finds, it is important to support the brand over and over again. Whether we buy something or share the brand on social media, support is key for the brands we love. If you are a fan of See Rose Go, don’t keep it a secret. Tag them and spread the love! 

Catch the See Rose Go - Quality, Fit and Style. Episode 1

Enjoy the See Rose Go Quality, Fit and Style Live Stream on November 9th!

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