Get The Perfect Summer Scent Just For You From Callio Fragrance

This post was sponsored. The perfume was provided by Callio Fragrance. All opinions are my own. 

We are deep into summer time and there are a couple of things we should focus on for this time of the year: 

  1. Ensuring our downtime is fun, relaxing, and memorable 
  2. Attending fun networking events (Yes…these types of events actually exist) 
  3. Embracing life hacks, so we smell good ALL DAY LONG 

Do You Know How Callio Fragrance is Coming to Our Rescue?

Photo Credit: Anais Marston

It comes down to two words: 

Melee Perfume

There are a couple of questions that I have to answer when searching for a great new scent:

  1. Does it actually smell good?
  2. Does it irritate my skin?
  3. Does the scent fade within 5 minutes of wearing it?
  4. Does the scent match my mood for the season?
  5. Is this a scent I want to wear for more than a day?  

As a Brand Ambassador for Callio Fragrance, I was sent Melee Perfume to review. I can only give two thumbs up for this delicious summery scent. 

The Melee Fragrance has a wonderful mix of coconut, florals, and lemongrass scents. What else could you ask for when it comes to a summery scent? In fact, it smells so good, I am looking forward to rocking this scent well into the fall season. 

A perfume is more than just a scent. It is an opportunity for us to represent who we are with a smell. This choice is very powerful for ourselves and others around us. When choosing a scent, it really should make you happy each and every time you spray it on yourself. You are practically married to this scent until the bottle runs out or you find something new.   

Making a commitment to Melee Fragrance is a SUPER EASY decision: 

  1. It actually smells good 
  2. It feels good on my skin
  3. It keeps me fresh throughout the day 
  4. I feel very free and light for the summer weather 
  5. It doesn’t have an overwhelming scent
  6. It excites me to get ready for the day 

 You owe it to yourself to check out just how cool Callio Fragrance really is! Try out the Melee Perfume scent for yourself. 

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