Have You Tried this Yummy Scent for the Fall?

This post was sponsored. The perfume was provided by Callio Fragrance. All opinions are my own. 

What scent are you rocking this Fall? For me, I love to switch from a more floral based scent, to something that reminds me of everything we love this Fall. Scents like Vanilla Bean, Almond, and Lemon make up the yummy Tessa scent. This delicious combination is exactly what I needed for this Fall.   

Why Do Scents Matter So Much? 

  • Memories – Scents remind us of our lives. You can smell something and memories can flood your mind. The minute I smell lemon cookies my beloved Aunt Kat comes to mind. Or, when I smell Michael Jordan cologne, I instantly smile because my handsome one loves to frequently rock those scents.
  • Confidence – Do you feel more confident when you love the scent you are wearing? I definitely do. Powerful and Strong scents like Tessa make me feel like I can smell good all day, especially the long and productive days. This is everything!  
  • Socialization – When you like a scent, don’t you want to share it with your friend or boo to confirm just how good you smell? Smelling good can encourage you to get out more as you confidently rock your dynamic scent. This totally helps if you are looking to network or socialize a bit more this Fall. 
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Looking For A Gift Set? 

If you haven’t tried Callio Fragrance or the Tessa Scent, I definitely urge you to do so ASAP! 

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