Meet Anna Zhang the Editor-in-Chief of Pulse Spikes

What were you doing at 16 years old? For me, I was a studious high school junior gearing up for my college plans to become a Veterinarian with my multiple jobs and my 4.0 GPA. Was I running a magazine or leading a social project? Definitely not. Anna Zhang is a 16-year-old who is actually doing this and so much more. 

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Who Is Anna Zhang? 

Anna Zhang is the founding editor-in-chief of Pulse Spikes, an online and quarterly print magazine made by young people for young people. Pulse Spikes is not just a magazine, it is also a platform for young creatives around the world to pursue and develop their passions without any limitations. Recent cover stories include Chloe Lukasiak, Machine Gun Kelly, Katherine McNamara, and Jenna Ortega

She is a photographer and social media influencer with a client list including Uniqlo, Dunkin’ Donuts, Walgreens, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Anna mentors young aspiring photographers and has hosted photography workshops. When it comes to being a social activist, she has founded and launched a social good project with Covenant House, one of the largest nonprofits dedicated to helping homeless youth. The project is called IGNITE and takes the form of an online platform and book. Participating celebrities include Brec Bassinger (star of Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs), Alli Simpson (singer/songwriter, fashion, and beauty influencer), and Cameron Boyce (Disney’s Descendants, Disney XD’s Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything). 

She is the ambassador for The Project for Girls (TPFG), and will be working alongside the TPFG team and the other celebrity ambassadors, including Francesca Capaldi (Disney’s Dog With a Blog) and Violet Lux (Modern Family). Anna will be collaborating with The Project for Girls to produce content with the means of empowering young women.

Anna was the youngest ever entrepreneur honored with the Wunderkinds award this year, as part of the 23-under-30 pros showcased by Westchester Magazine and 914 INC.

Anna has continued to inspire adolescents, all while maintaining her studies as a student attending public high school. 

Listen to Anna Zhang 

Why She Inspires Me? 

As a teenager, it is easy to feel confused and overwhelmed with what you should be doing with your life. At 16, I remember asking myself a host of questions over and over again. 

Do you need to go to college? 

Do you study what you really love or what you “should” study?

Will I be happy? 

Instead of being overwhelmed by all the options available in life, Anna has been ambitious and strategic as she makes a name for herself with her remarkable accomplishments. What does this mean for the world? There are no excuses. Whether you are 16, 36 or 76 years old you are in control of the type of life you want for yourself. Do you want to start a magazine? Maybe, you want to join the blogger world. Or, you are dying to kick-start your new business. There are no excuses to prevent you from doing it. The time is not two weeks or two months from now. The time is NOW. 

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