Meet the Fearless Blogger & Body Positive Activist Leah Vernon

Being confident and fearless might not come easily to all of us. But, do we all have the ability to release our inner confidence warrior? Yes, we do! How is this possible? Listening, watching and surrounding yourself with bad-ass women like Leah Vernon is one way. 

Who Is Leah Vernon?

Leah is a 20-something style/fashion blogger, plus-model, writer, novelist, and body-positive activist from Detroit. She was inspired to start blogging in 2013 because there wasn’t enough “diverse” representation of real beauty in the media.

Her goals are to continue to spread style and self-love to the underrepresented groups. And to spark a fashion revolution. Have you joined her movement?         

Photo Credit: Moon Reflections Photography

Want to Release Your Inner Confidence Warrior?

  • Focus on what you think, what you feel, and what you do 
  • Stop comparing yourself to others 
  • Plan, Plan, Plan…so you can execute, execute, execute
  • Enjoy the process (the journey is just as important as the destination) 
  • Read and absorb content that lifts you up
  • Be unapologetic 
  • Follow your passions  
  • Embrace confidence with C.O.R.E. 

Make sure you follow Leah’s life of style and foolery on Instagram @Lvernon2000

Snapchat: LeahVDaily

Facebook: Beauty and the Muse

Tumblr: Lvernon20

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