Meet the Founder of JLEW Bags

Have you ever seen something that made you instantly stop? When I first saw a JLEW Bag in person I was completely stunned. Yes, I instantly stopped and was completely taken back by the beautifully designed bags in front of me. 

If you have been rocking with Dressing Room 8 for the past couple of years, you know that if I love a brand or an organization, then I have to speak with the founder to learn about their story. Jamie Lewis (aka “JLEW”) is the founder of JLEW Bags, which handcrafts oversized bags, both luxury leather and cruelty-free versions, locally in New York City and principally sells directly to the consumer.  She graduated from DePauw University from a management and entrepreneurship program, but moved to NYC on a dare to become an investment banker.  Fast forward through twenty years of working on Wall Street, plus earning her MBA at Columbia Business School; she’s finding her rhythm as an entrepreneur.  Most recently she launched KNOCKOUT Times, a digital media asset championing women in sport.  She lives in TriBeCa, is a consummate networker and loves to travel, surf and box.  Her passion for boxing led to the creation of JLEW Bags, initially designed to carry all of her workout gear fashionably, as that product simply did not exist and she was embarrassed to carry a ratty nylon gym bag into the boardroom.

Jamie’s a passionate advocate for women and you’ll see this expressed not just through sponsorship of female athlete, but also through limited edition products like the Treasured Clutch, hand beaded by survivors in Haiti, or the Denim Hobo, which sources recycled denim from women in Guatemala, or the collaboration with Too Pretty Brand, which spreads the message that one is #NeverTooPretty to do anything.  

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This Holiday Season…

  • Shop brands like JLew Bags who are providing you Fashion and Empowerment.
  • Falling into entrepreneurship can really lead to magic. Amongst the shopping, take the time to think about things you want to do and actually go out and do it. 
  • Fashion that doesn’t support your busy life is never okay. Go out and get what you need to live the life you want. If you don’t see what you need, maybe you need to be the person to create it! 

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