Photographer Spotlight: Robbie Joseph

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Check out my first blog post featuring Robbie Joseph

He is a 22 year old photographer and videographer located in New York City. Creating strong visuals has always been a passion of his. Be it photo or video, he looks to achieve visuals that go beyond the typical pretty image and convey concept and thought. 

Enjoy my Q&A with him!

Victoria: How did you first discover your passion for photography?

Robbie: I always wanted to direct or be involved with film and movies in some respect. My cousin was selling an old beat up digital camera and I bought it off of her for cheap. With it I had the intent to make films or videos but I found myself taking pictures of friends. I wasn’t very good but I found myself really enjoying it. That’s where the passion was sparked and here I am now. 

Victoria: How did you begin enhancing your skills and educating yourself?

Robbie: I started enhancing my skills by shooting often and trying new things I’d see in other photographers work. I would follow photographers on Instagram and try to emulate their photos. Eventually I would start watching YouTube videos and reading articles online to learn what I needed. 

Victoria: How did your specialty develop over time? 

Robbie: My specialty developed simply because I realized I was good at photographing people, models that I could pose in particular. Landscapes and candids have never been my thing. I focus on fashion photography because I know it’s my strength.

Photography requires an investment in equipment. So much investment. The running joke is that you never have money being a photographer because we are constantly buying new equipment.

Victoria: Most people know you as Robbie Joseph, what can you offer on creating a brand?

Robbie: We exist in a world where people don’t just want to see great work. They want to see a cool person behind that work. So you have to develop your “cool kid” lifestyle so people can follow YOU and your work as well. 

Victoria: How have you managed to deal with criticism, if any, of your work? 

Robbie: I enjoy criticism in healthy doses. Once in a while you’ll get critiques you don’t like or agree with but that’s standard. It helps you better yourself.

Victoria: You work for yourself, how are you able to manage full days of appointments?

Robbie: Weekdays are for my full time job that pays me. Weekends are fair game for photography. It’s about knowing yourself and how tired you’re going to be. Some weekends I can do 6 shoots back to back some weekends I don’t want to do any. 

Victoria: Now that you’re working full time, how will that impact your art? 

Robbie: It will probably make me more creative to be honest. Now that I don’t have all the time in the world to shoot I will be able to spend more time on particular concepts. 

Victoria: What are your thoughts on the transition from freelance to working full time? 

Robbie: Work is work. If it’s paying you, do it. There’s no real difference to me, it’s just the availability to do things has changed.

Victoria: Any other comments for young artists?

Robbie: Create, create, create. You should never stop producing work. Don’t burn yourself out but if you’re serious about it you should constantly try to be creative because it will push you into the future.

What’s your take away? Do what you love, put in the work, and enjoy the process 🙂 

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