You Can’t Miss this Fall Plus Size Styling With boohoo

Can you believe that Fall is officially HERE? Here, in NY, the weather seems a bit confused with its up and down temperatures. Nonetheless, our fall shopping must go on.

So…I thought I would style some fall work looks with boohoo¬†that I can’t get enough of ūüôā¬†

Lady in Black

I am a HUGE fan of wearing black. I have more black tights, bodysuits, shorts, and pants than I can count. Why? There are a couple of reasons. Growing up, black was definitely the most “desirable” color because of its general slimming effect. Now, I have realized that I really like black because it can be very chic and it pairs nicely with so many other colors.¬†

This work look can be summarized in 3 little words: 

Sexy, Chic & Sleek 

Green Without Envy

Do you know what my favorite color is? Green!!! Sadly, I don’t have enough of it. So, I thought I would put together this look to push me in the right direction!¬†

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Flawlessly Cool

Do you feel like bodysuits are everywhere? I do. Why not work them into your work-wear? What I love about this look, is it is equally cute for work and after-work activities. 

Hottest Bags

Bold Truth

I told you I loved wearing black. Is it true that black needs to be boring? No…not at all. I dare you to remember that black never has to be boring with these simple tips:¬†

  1. Black looks good with anything 
  2. Accessories always matter 
  3. Focus on how to complete your look 
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Let's Get Real

Getting ready for work never has to be frustrating or upsetting if you actually like what you have in your closet. This outfit has just enough seriousness and coolness for you to look like you are all about business in a very fun way! 

Celebrate YOU

If your work culture is more open to self-expression through fashion then it is up to you to dress accordingly. Being that I have a more unconventional work day, I am happy that I could wear this outfit and go on with my fashionable day. 

Happy Shopping Ladies! 

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