8 Things A Girl Should Pack in Her Ski Luggage

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Ski holidays are always exciting and a well-prepared one is even better. As a snowboarding/skiing instructor, I usually go to several countries during the winter season. Luggage packing is one of the challenging parts in my experience, especially for female snowboarders and skiers. 

In this article, I am going to share with you some tips that hopefully will help you better pack your ski bags and have a great ski holiday.

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#1 Knee Support

Skiing is fun, but at the same time, it can cause quite a bit of pressure to our knees, especially if we are plus sized women and don’t have strong leg muscles. Getting a pair of great knee support would always help protect your joints so you can ski till you are 80 years old!

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#2 Body Glide

You will probably be very active for a long period of time on your ski days. So it is always a good idea for you to bring a body glide with you. Especially on a rather warm and sunny riding day, you may just be wearing a T-shirt under your ski jacket.

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#3 Crampons

A pair of crampons will make it a lot easier for you to walk on the ice and slippery floor while causing less pressure to your knees and leg muscles when you are walking. Being a size 18 girl, I have found that it’s much easier for me to walk on ice with a pair of crampons.

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#4 Sunglasses

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Bringing a pair of cool sunglasses is always a good idea because you would prefer wearing a pair of cool sunglasses than snow goggles on a warm and sunny day when it’s not that hot though. Also, you will need sunglasses on your rest day, no matter you are going shopping or sightseeing you want to look cool and be protected from snow blindness.

#5 Hydrating Mask

A hydrating mask is probably one of your skin’s best partner in order to defend the snow, ice, UV lights, cold air, etc., plus you are on holiday! It’s time to relax and treat yourself a bit better. Give yourself 30 minutes, read a book, put on your mask, enjoy a glass of wine after a good riding day!

#6 SPF Lip Balm

Bringing an SPF lip balm is always a good idea to keep yourself from chapped lips. Once I was teaching a girl on a sunny day, she put on loads of sunscreen cream on her face but didn’t use an SPF lip balm and the next day lesson she could hardly speak because of sunburnt lips! She said: “it hurts everytime I laugh and speak.”

#7 Power Bank

A ski holiday always ends up with lots of good memories, and you will take loads of pictures, or maybe, listen to some cool music during your ride, or simply stay connected with your folks. But then honestly, the extreme cold weather is going to eat up your phone battery. Therefore bring along a power bank and make sure your phone is not out of battery by lunch.

#8 Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are really useful, first of all, it keeps your hands warm during those cloudy and cold days. In addition, when your phone shuts down because of it’s too cold out there, a hand warmer would keep your phone warm and so it won’t be running out of battery that fast. 

That’s all that I wanted to share with you girls. Is there anything I missed and must be packed into your ski luggage? Leave a comment and let me know.

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