Are You Ready to Knock Down the Barriers?

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For the past decade, No Barriers has perfected an event unlike any other. The No Barriers Summit is the place where leaders, change-makers, and aspiring visionaries from all walks of life unite to discover how to bring the No Barriers Life to a world ready for greater possibilities. It’s the place where we celebrate our differences and form a diverse, innovative and accepting community. It’s a place where global citizens unite with world-renowned speakers and influencers to experience transformation together. It’s the spark that ignites a flame within each person who attends to explore new possibilities and discover, What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.

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I attended the No Barriers Summit for the first time on October 5th and I had the time of my life. I danced on stage with the one and only Whitney Way Thore, decorated cupcakes with the founder of Baked by Melissa, and explored my inner feelings in a poetry workshop with Raegan Sealy, Singer, Rapper, Poet, and co-founder of Sound Board NYC. In fact, there was even more to do, but I chose those 3 events out of a whole jam-packed day full of inspiration, motivation, and activation for everyone there. 

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What Did I Learn?

#1 Life is for the Living 

How many times this month have you thought or said:  


Guess what? If you are living, you most likely will remain busy and with a calendar full of events. As someone who keeps a busy calendar all year long, I feel your pain. When I received the invite to attend No Barriers Summit, I was super excited to attend. BUT…I needed to move things in my schedule to make sure I could attend. Was it worth it? Absolutely!!! Most times, the most unexpected events reap such wonderful benefits we could never expect. It is up to us, to make room in our mind and our calendar to actually attend. Next time you get an invite and you want to go, but you don’t know how you will make time, my suggestion is you SAY YES!!! Figure out the HOW later 🙂   

#2 You Can Push Past Uncomfortability

Hello: My name is Natasha and I am an EXTROVERT 

Guess what? Even extroverts like me get a little shy at times. Dancing on stage with the one and only Whitney Way Thore was one of those moments where I had to shake off the nerves to dance and experience something fun, uplifting, and unforgettable. If you ever get a bit nervous when you embark on something new or unknown. I want you to ask yourself the following: 

Am I Willing to Let My Fear Stand In The Way Of Something Amazing? 

If the answer is no, then you are ABSOLUTELY living a life with No Barriers!  

#3 You Don’t Have to Know Everything

Are you an entrepreneur or want to become one? Ever feel like there is so much you don’t know? If you don’t feel that way, then that means you know everything. And, that is not possible. As the founder of Baked by Melissa was decorating a cake, sharing her story and answering guest questions, she shared so many gems about entrepreneurship and the keys to her business. Did you know she didn’t have formal baking training? How cool is that? She is running an amazing business without coming from a background in the industry. Don’t let your lack of experience or non-traditional background make you question how successful you can be in your business or new venture. 


#4 Networking Adds Excitement to the Day

I LOVE networking. It is not something to fear or shy away from. Instead, you should embrace it and master it for you and your career. How has networking helped me? 

  • Acquire every job in my career 
  • Start Dressing Room 8 
  • Obtain Writing Opportunities  
  • Find Media Opportunities 
  • Meet Friends 
  • Connect with Business Mentors 

Shall I Go On? 

Not only were the workshops and events at No Barriers Summit valuable, but the networking with the speakers and attendees left me feeling motivated and inspired by learning about their stories and wisdom. Are you ready to sign up for 2019???? 

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