Positive Effects of Wearing Sunglasses (Aside from Style)

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Pop on a pair of sunnies and you instantly look 10 times cooler and more confident. That’s the universal style appeal of sunglasses, but did you know donning a pair of shades has benefits that go beyond fashion? 

Well, they do. Sunglasses offer up a range of health-enhancing, mood boosting and life-changing perks that will not only make you look amazing but feel amazing too. Read on to find out what they are.


Sunglasses Protect Your Skin

The skin around your eyes is super thin and delicate. This makes it even more susceptible to the signs of time. Fine lines and wrinkles abound around this area, but you can actually ward off these tell-tale signs of the years by wearing your favorite pair of sunnies. The protective lenses shield your skin from harsh UV rays, thereby protecting it from skin-damaging UV rays. Of course, you’ll get out what you put into your shades, so if you want the best protection, invest in quality sunglasses. 

Look for sunnies that have a rating of UV400 or more, which means they block 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays.

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See Clearer

A good pair of polarized sunglasses can help you see better. Polarised lenses neutralize dangerous glare, which is particularly important when you’re driving.

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Protect Against Macular Degenerations

One of the two types of UV rays — UVA rays — can pass through your eye’s cornea and reach both the inner lens and retina. Prolonged exposure to these rays can damage the retina, causing some kinds of cataracts (i.e. clouding of the eye’s lens that compromises vision) as well as loss of central vision. This is also called macular degeneration, and it can affect your ability to do many of the things you love without assistance.

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Say No to Snow Blindness

Snow blindness isn’t caused by snow alone. It’s caused by the other kind of UV rays — UVB rays. While some UVB rays are filtered by the ozone layer, they are still a formidable threat to your eye health. These rays are totally absorbed by the cornea and can result in inflammation that can cause a painful and temporary lack of vision also known as snow blindness.

Increase Confidence

You don’t need a study to tell you that what you wear can seriously boost your confidence (even though those studies do exist). Wearing a pair of sweet shades that you love (like these ladies sunglasses from Bailey Nelson) will actually make you feel better about yourself, inside out. Sure, you’ll feel better about the way you look, but you’ll also feel more confident about the decisions you make. In fact, what you wear can also make you not only feel smarter but actually be smarter.


Because there’s a lot to be said about the power of suggestion, even when you are suggesting things to yourself. Because sliding on a pair of sunglasses makes you feel like you’re cooler, more stylish and confident, you believe you are those things, and even behave accordingly. 

So, next time you’re shopping for a pair sunnies and think the price isn’t worth it, remember everything a quality pair of shades can do for you, and make the investment in yourself, and your health.

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    Aug 02, 2018 Reply

    My regular glasses actually have a coating that blocks some UV, but I would like to get some nice sunglasses to rock as well.

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