Swimwear Essentials to Dive Into This Summer

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Are you beach ready?  I’ve been rummaging through my closet only to realize that last year’s swimsuit is faded (thank you indoor pool) and my bikini bottom sags depressingly.  My sunglasses are scratched, and my flip-flops are worn down at the heels.  

Luckily, summer is a good time to be fashion forward, as the cost of updating a beach wardrobe is minimal. 

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Multi-tasking Swimwear 

If you’re like me, first on your list is diverse swimwear that has to multi-task; it has to hold up under the pressure of playing a game of beach volleyball or paragliding while simultaneously looking good while basking on the towel or getting a drink on the boardwalk. I look for quality material with a high SPF rating that won’t fade and elastics that have considerable stretch and won’t travel up your body. I suggest buying your swimsuit first and then coordinating everything else around it.  


Sunglasses are the next big ticket item.  Your eyes deserve the best.  Find polarized shades with large rims to protect your eyes from the glare and damaging rays.   Shops that specialize in glasses, athletic gear or swimwear should carry great looking and quality sunglasses and can give you great advice on what frames that best suit your face.

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Go with flip-flops rather than expensive sandals.  One, they are cheap and if they happen to float away while you’re napping it’s no big deal.  You can get a few and mix and match with your swimsuit.  There’s so much choice!  You can get patterned ones, or one decorated with plastic flowers or frilly lace.   

Tip:  Flip flops should fit well on the first try and not scrape the delicate skin between your big toe.

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Save on the rest of your beach wardrobe while still making a splash at the beach and expressing your personal style. Fluffy towels are available at all price points and are great for lounging on the beach comfortably. If you have a patterned swimsuit, you can experiment with solid colors or go wild with a pattern. 

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Statement Hats

As for hats, my sporty friends prefer baseball caps and quirky nylon totes with printed slogans and large cheap straw hats that give ample shade. While I would choose a big-brimmed sun hat that is a little over the top simply says you’ve got style! And making sure that the style fits well and matches my face. 

It’s always best to mix style with function


Start thinking about warm weather style! They’ll pair perfectly with florals, linens, fresh white and blue stripes, and are perfect for beach and pool trips. Plus, you can use it as a catch-all bags for your beauty products to protect your skin from the scorching sun this summer.

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