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Is there anything as stressful as a first date? Can you think of any other scenario in your day to day life that makes you question every gesture and potential mishap? While job interviews might come close, there is a special kind of overwhelming anxiety that comes with a first date. A far cry from the familiarity of a relationship or even a friendship, the impressions that you make here will last for a long time. What you say, do, and even how you look, will affect any potential relationship between you and your date, in both the long- and short-term!

However, as we are all probably aware, you’re as likely to fall short by overthinking as you are by being careless. To help you manage your pre-date stress, here are a few tips to help you avoid fashion flubs and make the best styling decisions before the big evening.

Be True to Yourself

The idea of meeting new people, while thrilling, can unfortunately have the tendency to bring out the worst in us. For those of us with insecurities about our looks, the idea of a first date can feel like an invitation to try a new look, or even go so far as to reinvent our fashion sense. While the urge to shop for new styles can be overwhelming, a first date is almost never a good time to try out a new look.

The reason for this is quite simple: It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it, and no matter how good you look in a new outfit, your discomfort, no matter how slight, will be obvious. What you need is the effortlessness with which you chose the style that’s uniquely you. Whether that’s going with a half-up, half-down hairstyle, wearing your Converse, or dressing things up a bit, have faith in yourself. If they aren’t going to be attracted to that, are they even worth it?

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…But Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up

All that being said, you can’t very well expect to just throw something together with the same reckless abandon that you use every day, can you? You will want to add a personal and exciting touch to what you consider to be your trademark style. Throw on that edgy new dress you haven’t had the courage to try out yet! This is one way to look simultaneously extravagant and effortless without breaking the casual nature of your outfit.

And admit it, you’ve already tried in front of the mirror. You’ve already got scores of new ways to wear your hair that you’ve wanted to try out, you just don’t have the energy to experiment everyday. Maybe you always secretly thought you would rock winged eyeliner or a colorful eye-shadow. While complete look overhauls are a no-go, the little tweaks that break the mold are a great idea. The difference is you know that they look good.

In Other Words, Balance

Comfort is key, but don’t get too comfortable. You don’t want to fidget with your clothes while you’re trying to have a conversation, but, you know, wear pants. You don’t want to look like you’re just stepping out to the corner store. If you happen to be coming from work, try to have a few ways that you can tweak your work ensemble, like a more flashy long-sleeve top or jacket. If it’s chilly and you’re wearing the same scarf you always do, find a new way to tie it. This is your opportunity to try!

Are you starting to notice a pattern here?

Balance is absolutely key, and if that sounds too vague, just listen to yourself a bit more closely. In your mind, you have already envisioned the look that you want to shine through on your fabulous first date. The details are all there, and the confidence that you use to make those decisions will be the most attractive thing about your entire getup.

Good Luck!