Best Hair Style Trends for Spring and Summer 2020

Changing your hairstyle doesn’t have to wait for a breakup or the boredom of the next lockdown – you can reinvent your hair look with a little bit of courage and imagination right now, especially if you look to the latest trends. Boasted by numerous celebrities and influencers, these trends have deservedly stepped into the spotlight. Some are superbly practical and low-maintenance, which some of you will appreciate, while others are layered and complex, ideal for those in need of a challenge.

Consider this a new beauty adventure for your look-book. You might be surprised by how much your confidence can grow from this decision, and how playful you can get with your new look! So, let’s get right down to hair business and talk dos for this season!

Lazy girl’s messy updos

Have you ever had that one friend that’s able to pick up a random scrunchie and create a work of art in a split second? Stylists take their time to pick out specific strands, select the right amount of hair, and loosen your bun every time you’re getting ready for a cocktail party. However, this summer will be all about those lazy, messy updos with no pomp or product.

They are lively, deconstructed, and bold, and you need to practice to figure out the perfect way to create a messy bun first thing in the morning and enjoy your look for hours on end, with little need to fix anything along the way.

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Braids are back

Rapunzel sure knows how to make her hair magical, but you can follow the lead of many celebs today, including the likes of Demi Moore and Rihanna, to discover the right kind of braids for yourself. Cornrows like those you’ve seen on Alicia Keys are playful and versatile, tiny braids elevated into a bun or a ponytail will also work, while a loose side braid is a wonderful way to flaunt your generous strands while you keep your hair in one place.

Of course, a classic French braid is always a great option, so make some time to learn different braid styles to diversify your own look.

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Long, long luscious locks

Long, voluminous hair will never be out of style. What you do with it, however, makes all the difference. Achieving a natural, full look in your mane takes time, so you can start by enriching your locks with natural seamless clip in hair extensions that match your hair color and add plenty of volume to your tresses. Always go for real human hair, since the texture, softness, and shine will match your own mane.

Then, style your long locks into the famous beachy waves! This is the most effortless, yet elegant style you can master over time, and it can be used both for casual events and formal occasions.

The bob is back

For those who have never tried pulling off a bob, it’s much more demanding than it seems. This femme fatale look needs regular grooming, washing, primping, and adjusting. One strand out of place, and you’ll notice it right away. However, mastering the bob, be it asymmetrical, wavy, long, or short, is a dream come true for this summer.

Decorate with scarves

Hair add-ons are no news for the versed fashionistas among you, but this season will be all about fun, colorful scarves intertwined with your own strands. Instead of wrapping a scarf around your head to keep your locks in place, this is an aesthetic feature meant to bring more volume to your look and that authentic way to accessorize your ensemble. Use it to tie a ponytail instead of your regular scrunchie, or weave it into your braid – either way, you’ll look fantastic!

Funky hues

Breaking out of all the norms, this season is all about exploring unexpected palettes. Much like haute couture has embraced comfort and athleisure as the highest form of fashion today, you can see a rainbow of perky colors boasted by people everywhere. Whether you choose to wear a jaw-long bob or the famous beachy waves, you can try a new shade of blue, yellow, or pink.

In fact, lilac and silver are the two gentler varieties you can try especially if you’re naturally blond, so a few colored strands are a great start. Dipping your ends into a new, bold hue is another trend to be on the look-out for.

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Your mane is the extension of your style and fashion preferences, so it makes perfect sense to invest some thought before you take the leap and make a drastic change, or stick to your old look. Use these tips as your guidelines for the 2020 season, and hopefully, your feed will be filled with new photos where you proudly boast a new hairstyle!

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      Don't give up. This too shall pass ;)

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