10 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless is one of the most popular soaps in America. It’s been on air since 1973, and it’s still going strong! Thankfully, my Mother-in-Law convinced me to start watching the show ages ago and I wanted to share 10 reasons why you should watch the show (if you aren’t already doing so)! 

1. There are always new developments happening every week—whether they're big or small, there's always something happening in Genoa City!

2. You'll learn tons of useful life lessons from watching the characters on your screen every day (like how to treat people right by being honest with them).

3. You'll get to know all your favorite characters better over time—which means that when they die or get married or have babies (or whatever), it will make you feel like you're losing a part of your family too!

4. The scripts are well-written, with a great mix of drama, comedy, romance, and action.

5. By watching others' stories unfold onscreen, you can gain perspective on the kinds of things that happen in real life!

6. This show is an important part of pop culture history; it's one of only a few daytime dramas that have kept up with changing times by adding social issues like gay marriage and immigration into its storylines—and it does so seamlessly!

7. You'll be able to identify with at least one character—whether it's their struggles or their triumphs. There is something for everyone here!

8. It's got some great fashion! The clothes are always so different from what everybody else is wearing (and they're usually pretty awesome). You'll be able to steal some of the looks from YRTV yourself!

9. You can pick up random episodes here and there without getting too confused—it doesn't matter what order they're watched in because they're all connected to each other anyway!

10. There are so many different types of relationships on this show—friendships, romances, family relationships…you name it! You'll learn something new about yourself or someone else every time you watch an episode.

In the past, have you said “you’re not a soap opera person”? Or, maybe you don’t think you have time to watch a show that’s been on the air for decades? And you’re not sure why anyone would want to watch it anyway. I’m sure these reasons will change your mind and you will be tuning in ASAP! 

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  • Ulsa
    Sep 21, 2022 Reply

    Soap operas are my dirty little habit. I will never give them up!

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