5 Tips to Feel Sexy No Matter Your Size

Body consciousness is certainly a topic worth discussing these days. Soon gone are the stigmas of supermodel waifs at the pinnacle of model-type beauty. 

Seeing women of all body types and all colors grace advertisements in print media, television, and movies is surely welcome and long overdue. Actresses and artists of all shapes, sizes, and colors are gaining traction in popular culture, and we are elated to see modern women represented in all forms of media. 

Follow our tips to always be true to your own unique self — no matter what size you wear. 

1. Dress Beautifully

Our first tip when it comes to wardrobe is to select beautifully crafted items. Buying basic apparel at box stores doesn’t always allow for the fashionable presentation of your true beauty.  And fashion is indeed meant to enhance your appearance while also enabling you to make a statement.

Search For the Unique

Having a couture budget isn’t always a possibility to allow for easy shopping with access to stylists who are up to date with the latest fashions and trends. 

However, reading up on fashion trends in online publications and in respected fashion magazines is a great way to get up to date on the latest and greatest fashions on the cheap. 

Fashion trends are usually a season ahead, so expect to see items on the runway at least a few months in advance if you are searching for the latest today. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter looks are organized for production in runway shows, publications, and fashion media. 

Once you have gotten a hold of the trends, then you can set to personalize your seasonal take on them. Not all runway looks translate well to modern living and streetwear. But fashion elements can be easily adapted from the runway.

Start Shopping

It’s best to not be in a big hurry when working on selecting new items to add to your wardrobe to highlight your own personal style. Shopping online at popular stores and boutique shops is a great way to see what is on the fashion market and also to establish a range of price points. Being on the lookout for beautifully crafted, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from boutique stores can be a great way to find fashionable items that will showcase your personality without having to break the bank. 

Checking brick-and-mortar stores for their interpretations of the latest runway looks is another simple way to start selecting new pieces.

Looking for vintage or retro pieces is another way to find new trends that are repeats of past trends — fashion nearly always repeats itself. 

Thrift stores, vintage stores, and fashion exchange stores are all wonderful places to find low-cost options to bring new fashion trends into your wardrobe. Shop for items that bring the trends you love into your closet.

2. Pay Attention to the Details

Complete your look by ensuring that all of the boxes are ticked. A well-fitting ensemble enhanced with beautiful jewelry and accessories will always make you look your best, no matter your shape or size.

Tailor once, tailor twice

In fashion, the fit is everything. Tailoring is an essential element to creating looks that turn heads.  Accepting and loving your body is a must, and tailoring is the foundation of fashion. 

If you have a sewing machine and are able to perform basic updates to transform your favorite pieces, you’ll be able to save money and bring amazing looks into your life. Taking a sewing class or two may help you to work on your tailoring skills.

Stay salon fresh

Another great way to shine no matter your size is to keep the whole of your appearance updated. Maintain your hair, nails, and skin in a fashion that is current and pleasing. 

Everyone has maintenance needs that vary. Sometimes a hair update is needed more than every month, sometimes a longer duration can pass before needing to visit the salon.  Changing color, cut, and style is becoming ever easier as hair trends include micro links that can transform into nearly any style.

Finish With Accessories

Pay attention to the details. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, hats, glasses, scarves, and other accessories are another great way to finish your ensemble. 

Having a few daily wear favorite pieces to rotate into your collection makes getting dressed easier. Keep your capsule wardrobe updated with your signature jewelry pieces each season. 

Finding go-to-pieces at local boutique shops or at local markets is a great way to support up-and-coming artists.

3. Draw The Eye

Another one of our favorite ways to make sure that you look your best at any size is to draw the eye to your favorite aspect of your shape. If you want to accentuate your face, your decolletage, your waist, your hips, your legs, or your overall silhouette, be sure to draw the eye to your favorite area of interest. 

Do this by wearing figure-flattering separates that have a distinct focus and shape. We love cuts and patterns that highlight areas and create silhouettes that flatter. 

Again, a great way to find stunning silhouettes is to browse fashion sites and magazines to search for looks that you love. Take those looks and duplicate them with attention to your distinct style, budget, and energy.

4. Fake It Til You Make It

Achieving your dream body is a goal that can be reached — but it may take a little time, effort, and motivation. 

Don’t try to rush if you are working on your fitness. Just take your time and stay focused.  Planning your workouts with a trainer or another fitness guru is always a good way to establish your workout goals. 

Sometimes it may seem like body enhancements are the answer, but a great diet, workout plan, and body shapers could be another valid option.

5. Love Yourself - Every Last Drop

There’s nothing like confidence to keep you looking your best. We’re not saying that Kanye should have won every Grammy ever issued — but there’s nothing like knowing you’re amazing! 

When you love yourself, that beauty shines through and the light is difficult to dim. Wear your confidence along with your well-planned ensemble to always be your best. You don’t have to overdo it, just know you are beautiful and you’re sure to shine. 

You don’t have to have an enormous fashion budget to pull off amazing looks and you don’t need a superhuman body or runway-ready figure either. What you do need to be beautiful and amazing at any size are the tools to make your budget and your unique style work for you.


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