Mommy Chronicles: Don’t be Surprised When These 6 Things Happen

Sometimes the unexpected happens. For me, it seems that it usually happens on a daily basis! This is my list of what to expect after having a baby. 

Take a minute to read over these 6 things that I can guarantee will happen when you’re a new parent, and why you shouldn’t be surprised when they do.

1. Your baby will poop everywhere

When you first become a parent, it’s easy to think that your adorable little cutie pie is just going to poop in his or her diaper like normal babies do (you know, unless they’re potty trained). Well, let me tell you: babies are NOT normal, and they will find every possible way to poop on themselves and everything around them. Just remember: it’s not personal! They’re just getting used to their bodies and getting comfortable with making messes—and I can imagine, as your kid gets older, the messes will only get bigger!

2. Alone time goes away for awhile

You’ll never have time to eat or use the bathroom alone again. This one sounds self-explanatory, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to remember this fact at all times—especially when engaging in an activity that might require privacy (e.g., eating or using the bathroom). Trust me, these things will still happen, and you need to be prepared for an interruption at all times.

3. Embrace your mom bod

You’ll never get back your old body. Sorry! The best thing you can do is embrace your mom bod and learn to love it. Try wearing clothes that accentuate your curves instead of hiding them. Your new body created life and that is your beautiful new reality. Cherish and honor your mom bod. 

4. You won't know your own strength

As soon as your baby is born, they’ll start using every muscle in their body to their advantage—and you’ll have to do the same! Just lifting your baby up and putting them down, or picking them up from their crib, will take some serious strength.

5. Dinner conversations will never be the same again

When you get together with friends who don’t have kids, the conversation will inevitably turn to kid stuff—and then it won’t turn back again until at least a month has passed (or until someone else has kids). Sorry! It’s just that kids are so interesting and surprising, there are always new things to talk about! But if you ever want to talk about something else, bring it up.  

6. Go with the flow

Don’t be surprised when things are harder than you thought they would be, but also don’t be surprised when they’re more wonderful than you imagined they could ever be.

Raise your hand if you thought you’d have a clean house before or after having kids. Anyone? Anyone?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

If my hubby and I have learned anything when we had KJ, it’s how to let go of our expectations and embrace the chaos. I encourage you to do the same! 

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