Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know | July Book Club Recap

Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know is a book that not only challenges you to think critically about what your attitude truly is, but also helps you develop a plan of action for how you can change it.

The book is split into three sections: the first is all about understanding your own attitude, the second teaches you how to lead others and yourself with integrity, and the third discusses how to bring about positive change in your organization.

Reading this book will help you understand why you need an honest evaluation of your own attitude, as well as give you tools for working through those issues in order to become more successful as a leader.

July Book Club Meeting

July Book Club 2023 by Natasha Nurse

If you’ve never thought about the importance of attitudes, after reading the book you will understand that the right attitude can help you become a leader who makes positive changes in your life and the lives of others. But the wrong attitude can hold you back or even lead to failure.

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