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Top 8 Statement Accessories Worth the Splurge!

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Sometimes, there are select pieces of jewelry that are worth the splurge because they make a strong statement. I’m personally a big proponent of having a few pieces in my collection that I absolutely love vs. a whole drawer full of cheap accessories that I’m just OK with. 

These are my top 8 picks for pieces that are both unique and make a strong statement. 

Pick #1 – I love love love this heart beat set! You can purchase each piece individually too! (click on each image to purchase)



Pick #2 – These earrings are so unique – an absolute must if you like compliments! (click the image to purchase)




Pick #3 – This necklace is a definite statement piece that will be a great conversation starter! (click image to purchase)



Pick #4 – Another strong and bold piece; I don’t know about you but it invokes a feeling of power for me. (click image to purchase)



Pick #5 – Simple & delicate. (click image to purchase)



Pick #6 – These caught my eye almost immediately and are just so chic! (click to purchase)



Pick #7 – These earrings are unexpected, and whoever is close enough to see will be rewarded ; )  (click image to purchase)




Pick #8 – I just think this necklace is a perfect go-to piece for any occasion whether it be work or a night out on the town!  (click image to purchase)


Thank you for checking out my selections.  Please share and follow us on social media if you like what you see!


~ Natasha




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