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Did you hear about the 8th Annual HerRise Conference? HerSuiteSpot is returning for a virtual experience for women of color leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and their allies on topics from personal and professional development centered on Mindset, Money, Marketing, and Media.   You can join panel discussions, fireside chats, and breakouts sessions on relevant and timely topics about the things that matter...
Did you miss the Dressing Room 8 Book Club April Meeting? No worries, you can join the conversation HERE. 
Did you miss the Dressing Room 8 Book Club March Meeting? No worries, you can join this unforgettable conversation HERE. 

Dear Future Son

Did you hear the big news? My husband and I are thrilled to welcome our son this summer. We found out we were pregnant in November 2020 and the time has been flying by so quickly. Before we know it, June will come and our little boy will arrive.  Before the big day, I wanted to write down my thoughts...
Do you have a gratitude journal?  I love my gratitude journal for many reasons. In fact, I believe there are 5 specific reasons why you should keep a gratitude journal today! 
Did you miss the Dressing Room 8 Book Club February Meeting? Don’t fret. Here is the recap for you to watch and enjoy! 
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball Life is difficult enough without YOU making it harder by refusing to love and honor yourself. Are you ready to make 2021 the year where you love yourself completely and unapologetically? 
Did you miss the Dressing Room 8 Book Club January Meeting? Don't fret. Here is the recap for you to watch and enjoy! 
Picture this: You are in the middle of a conversation. Twenty minutes have passed and you are ready for the conversation to end but the person speaking to you will not stop talking. How can you gracefully exit the conversation?  When you end the conversation because of the other's person's schedule, that person is left feeling important and empowered.  If you...
We made it y'all! 2020 is behind us and we are blessed to start a whole new year! Personally, I am thrilled to see what 2021 has in store for me and my hubby. This year, I will have a baby in June and we are so excited to meet our bundle of joy. Enjoy the following 21 tips...