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Natasha Nurse is a proud ’08 graduate of The Pennsylvania State University. She is a DEI Professional, Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster. She started Dressing Room 8 to provide a web-based resource for women to gain personal and professional empowerment through her fashion and lifestyle-focused blog and coaching services. Natasha focuses her coaching on media, career, and accountability. She started the innovative podcast WokeNFree with her husband to address hot topics in an entertaining and educational way. Additionally, she is an enthusiastic mom who loves creating content, reading and enjoying time at home with her husband, son, and pets.
Did you miss the Dressing Room 8 Book Club January Meeting? Don't fret. Here is the recap for you to watch and enjoy! 
Picture this: You are in the middle of a conversation. Twenty minutes have passed and you are ready for the conversation to end but the person speaking to you will not stop talking. How can you gracefully exit the conversation?  When you end the conversation because of the other's person's schedule, that person is left feeling important and empowered.  If you...
We made it y'all! 2020 is behind us and we are blessed to start a whole new year! Personally, I am thrilled to see what 2021 has in store for me and my hubby. This year, I will have a baby in June and we are so excited to meet our bundle of joy. Enjoy the following 21 tips...
Tired of comparing yourself to others? Can't stop scrolling through your friend's social media pics and comparing your life to theirs? Are you ready to make a change today???
This month we are talking all about interviewing. If you want to know how to ace your next job interview then you will do the following:  Watch the book club meeting video below  Read the slide deck  Schedule a free 30-minute consultation for 1:1 help HERE
Sparkle Richards is a Trinidadian born, self-published novelist. Her debut novel, “De Next Bacchanal” was released in April 2011 at Nigel R Khan Booksellers in West Mall where the novel sold out during its launch within hours. The drama followed seven couples whose lives were impacted by love, violence, and money. The novelist was extremely pleased to present her...
As a business owner, it can be extremely frustrating to create an offer that doesn't resonate with your customers. Giving up isn't an option! Speaking with business coaches like Carolyn Herfurth is KEY!  When accomplished business owners wonder, “how do I fix this? what else? what's next?” — they call Carolyn Herfurth. Having played a hand in hundreds of business inventions...
Life can be challenging at times. Feeling like you are owed something (aka "entitlement") could be blocking you from getting what you really want. Watch the video below and check out the accompanying deck to learn how to effectively deal with entitlement for good!  
Our lives are a reflection of what we think. If you go around with stinking thinking, what type of life will you have? Take the time to change your life TODAY! 

Dear Journal: Just Say No

Do you struggle to say "no" sometimes? Today is the LAST day that you will ever think or say that. Watch the video below and review the Dear Journal Journal deck to learn how to say no and commit to what you really want.