Finding the Professional You with Yona New York

Yona New York is the place for the modern curvy woman looking for style, fun, and class!   

As a plus size woman, finding professional wear has always been more troubling than I would like for it to be.

Weather the top was too tight or the pants squeezed a bit too much, I’ve always struggled finding clothes that spoke to my personality and fit the professional work culture as well.

Yona New York Exposed Seam DressWhen shopping for professional wear in my size, I personally follow these guidlines: 

  • Good Fit – Clothes that don’t fit well means you will feel, look, and act uncomfortable. What’s professional about that? So, whether it means you need tailoring or to go up a size, make sure your clothes are comfortable and fit!
  • Corporate Flare –  Just because you have a 9-5, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like a corporate drone! You can look professional and cute at the same time while incorporating your personal style! 
  • Sensuality – Whether you are girly or not, you want to feel like you are the baddest chic in the room! Confidence in what you are wearing translates to how you act in your life! Make sure you choose clothes NOT because you’re trying to fit a mold but becuase they’re comfortable, fit, and make you feel good.  
  • Diversity – If you hate eating the same lunch everyday, then I imagine you would hate wearing the same cycle clothing weeks on end. Don’t be afraid to change up your look. Throw on those funky accessories or mismatch tops and pants to see what new outfits you can create! 

Yona New York is designed for the modern plus size woman looking for options that can make the difference for how you LOOK and FEEL in your professional world! 

It is a new year and it is the perfect time to make sure you focus on YOU and who you WANT to be this Year! 

Make sure you are comfortable with the Professional You in 2016!



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