Get to know Boots By Pamela: Stylish & High-Quality Wide-Calf Boots!

Boots by Pamela

As someone with wide calves, I know first hand how hard it is to find boots that are cute, affordable, and fit! Luckily, we have BBP (Boots By Pamela).

With over 15 years in the fashion industry in roles ranging from designing to merchandising, Pamela Ammeter launched BBP in April 2013 with only 2 styles, and quickly expanded to 6 that fall (all designed by herself). The company was built out of Pamela’s own frustrations of not being able to find boots that fit her calves despite. 3 years later, BBP is now in 10 boutiques across Canada as well as on Zulily and

Check out my interview with this fabulous entrepreneur!

Natasha: Why do you think it is so difficult to find wide calf boots?

Pamela:  I think Companies have not figured it out yet. Wide calf boots are not just for plus size women. I have customers that are a size 0 or 2 that have muscular or large calves too.

Boots by PamelaNatasha: Do you engage with your customers? Does their feedback help you with your company direction? 

Pamela: I really value customer feedback. I get both positive and negative feedback and, I learn from both. Negative feedback can really help you grow your business.

Natasha: What are the price ranges for your boots and where can your customers find your products?

Pamela: The best place to shop BBP is on our website. Our boots range from $100 – $140 (Canadian)/$80 – $100 US Dollars. The prices you see on the website are listed in Canadian dollars. 


Natasha: What do your customers love most about your boots?

Pamela: They love the style and comfort from the boots. Plus, we offer up to size 12. Here, in Canada it is so hard to find boots larger than a size 10.

Natasha: What is your advice for others who have businesses or want to become business owners? 

Pamela: Networking is key! Reaching out to peers is important. Don’t give up! There are many times where you will want to give up. It’s okay to cry but pick yourself up and move forward. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will too!


Pamela Ammeter is a true entrepreneur. She saw a need in the market for wide calf and set out to create a product that fulfills that need. Her boots are amazing and we will see more of BBP for years to come!



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