Learn How to Let Go and Really Mean It

There are a lot of creative quotes I’ve come across on the topic of resentment. I’m paraphrasing here, but these two come to mind:

“Resentment is drinking poison and hoping the other person will die”

“Resentment is letting someone live inside your brain rent free”

I think the point here is that harboring anger is something that hurts you, if you’re the person holding that anger against someone else.

If you think about it, the person you’re angry with doesn’t have any clue that you’re imagining scenarios in head before bed of the different ways they’ll die a terrible death. That person is living her life whether you’re angry with her or not. The only person losing sleep is you. Therein lies the problem.

I think of life as a steady stream of progress. Unless something is progressing, nothing is actually happening. What I mean by that is, unless you will translate your resentment into a plan to confront the person you’re resentful of or take any other action to better your life as “revenge,” then you’re simply standing still in your own personal hell. 

So the way I see it, if you notice resentment creeping up – you have two options: take action or LET IT GO. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to let go. Have you experienced any of the following aside from fantasizing about your enemy’s fiery death scenarios?

  • Avoiding the person you despise at all cost
  • Taking your anger out on others who don’t deserve it
  • Complaining, complaining, complaining
  • Falling into depression or a state of inaction

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