6 Ways To Fall In Love with Valentine’s Day

Some people love Valentine’s Day and some people don’t really care for this day. Personally, I haven’t always loved this day. As a kid, I found the day to be mostly annoying. As a teenager, I barely remembered when it was V-Day. Ever since I met my hubby at Penn State, I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. Why? Becuase I made the active decision to buy things for him and myself. 

Why have I been a fan of V-Day? Valentine’s Day is a day of love. Do you have to be in love to like this holiday? No…No…No. This is a day you can use to celebrate love with or without a loved one. 

What Are the 6 Ways to Fall In Love with Valentine’s Day?

#1 Eat & Drink Something Good 

Eating something you LOVE can sometimes feel like a religious experience. For me, I love traditional Jamaican dishes like Oxtail, Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat and really good Black Cake. On V-Day, taking the time to eat and drink something that makes you smile is one of the easiest ways to enjoy this day each and every year. 

#2 Buy Something You Want 

You can buy yourself a treat on any day. On V-Day, why not get something you have been really dying to get? Or, something you have put off getting for the “right time.” No better time than the present, to live it up and treat yourself on the day of love. 

#3 Decide How You Want to Spend Your Time


A part of loving yourself means you are selective about what you do and who you spend your time with. On the day of love, you should surround yourself with people you actually love and enjoy seeing. This is a lesson people have to keep hammering into their head year, after year. 

#4 Give Back 

Love notes, stationery and gifts for Valentine's Day and every day

Giving a gift is just as enjoyable as receiving a gift. Why not give a gift on the day of love? This could be your time or a small token of your appreciation. Using V-Day as an opportunity to celebrate the people you love is something most people can get behind. Don’t you agree? 

#5 Consume Positivity 

Every day you should be reading and consuming content that uplifts, educates, and motivates you to go after your dreams and have the life you want for yourself. On the day of love, you ABSOLUTELY should be consuming content that you will help you be a better parent, entrepreneur, co-worker, boss, or partner. To love yourself is to spend time learning how to enjoy your life to the fullest. Need some tips? Check out My Recommendations for books, movies, home, food, and stationery suggestions. Also, don’t forget to check out my new show, Our Voices, on 90.3 WHPC for audio content you can enjoy today. And, did you enter the raffle to win a copy of Like. Love. Follow.: The Entreprenista’s Guide To Using Social Media To Grow Your Business?

# 6 Leave The Past Behind You


It is easy to focus on the past. For some people, they think so much about the past it can feel like their present. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. Yesterday is not today. The minute that just past is in your past. Loving yourself means you are focused on what is happening now and what you want in the future, not spending time thinking about your past. If you haven’t enjoyed Valentine’s Day in the past, that doesn’t need to have a bearing on today. Time isn’t guaranteed to any of us. Why not attempt to enjoy every single day you have (especially today)? 

Now, that you have the 6 ways to fall in love with Valentine’s Day, I want to hear what was the favorite thing you did for this V-Day? 

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