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When I joined Facebook as a Freshman at Penn State, I never thought Facebook would become the platform it is today. Nor, did I know social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest would dominate our world like it currently does. 

After I state my gratitude list for the day, I quickly turn on my phone to see all my social media updates, before I even greet my hubby and Co-Host of WokeNFree. Am I addicted to my phone? Maybe. I don’t really see it that way. Rather, I am excited and eager to connect and consume information each and every day. Social media just happens to be a big part of my daily regiment. When they say, we are what we eat, I also believe we are what we consume (i.e., Television, Film, Radio, Advertisements, Social Media, etc.). Thus, knowing how to master social media is not only helpful but it is NECESSARY for personal and professional goals so many people have. 

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Enter the raffle and you can win one of the TWO free copies of Like. Love. Follow.: The Entreprenista’s Guide To Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

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TWO WINNERS will be announced on February 22nd during the Dressing Room 8 February Book Club Meeting

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  1. I love how social media has allowed for business owners to network amongst ppl you would have never came across in your everyday life and the excessive amount of resources.

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