Have You Heard of the Crowdfunding Platform iFundWomen?

“In terms of deal count, women-founded companies set a record last year, making up 4.4% of all VC deals—the largest percentage since 2006. Of course, the actual number of deals involving female-led startups still dismally low (368 compared to 5,588 for all-male teams), and the gap between the percentage of deals and percentage of dollars that go to women hints at the fact that VCs are writing smaller checks for female founders. The average deal size for a woman-led company in 2017 was just over $5 million. For a man-led company, that number is a little less than $12 million.” (Fortune)

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How Do We Close The Gap?

One of the ways women can close this funding gap is to work with the crowdfunding platform iFundWomen. I was excited to chat with Sarah Sommers, the creative director of iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses to discuss just how beneficial and unique this platform really is. 

Check Out My Interview with Sarah Sommers

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Entrepreneurs should never be held back by not having enough funding in their business. Even though women entrepreneurs struggle with gaining the same level of access to funding as men. Platforms like iFundWomen are leveraging the playing field.  

If you need funding and you want to use the power of crowdfunding, it is up to you check out iFundWomen.  


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Is Crowdfunding Right For You?

Don’t forget to check out the iFundWomen Campaign Guide to help you decide if crowdfunding is the way to go for your business or project needs.

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