Have You Joined the #FullBodyLove Movement?

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At the age of six, I remember my weight being a topic of conversation with or without my consent. How did I respond? I turned to fashion as my saving grace. When I started Dressing Room 8, I wanted to show women that they could embrace fashion to pursue their personal and professional goals.  

Taking pictures of myself has been a bit of a love and hate relationship. Who doesn’t feel that way at some point in their life? Thankfully, my relationship with the camera became so much better. I learned to be happy and excited to take pictures and celebrate my body. 

I Loved Showing My Hips

I Embraced My Arms

I Expanded My Comfort Zone to Wear Shorts 

Fashion Helped Me Be Happy with All of Me

Why the #FullBodyLove Movement Matters?

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with taking pictures of themselves, especially when it comes to taking a picture of their entire body. Dia & Co is encouraging women to love themselves enough to snap a full body picture of themselves and post it on social media. What do you call that? Super empowering. 

Are You Ready to Join the Movement?

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